Top Ten Money Saving Tips for Lingerie Parties

When most people think of lingerie parties, three things tend to cross their minds. First, they think of lingerie. Second, they think of fun. And third, they think of money. Though the first two items on that thinking train should certainly be racing through your mind, the last item should be the least of your worries. With the right tips and tricks under your belt, you can throw a fantastic lingerie party for far less money than what you might think.

Here are ten great ways for you to make your lingerie party as inexpensive as it is fun-

1.  The easiest way to save money is to avoid overcooking or overbuying. Try to plan out how much your confirmed guests will eat and drink and add enough extra food and drinks for three additional people. This will leave you with plenty of food to go around without draining your bank account.

2.  When you go shopping, try to visit all of the local dollar stores. Believe it or not, dollar stores are not like they used to be. You can find beautiful gifts – sometimes in gift packages that come with more than one – and nobody will ever guess that you only spent a dollar on each of them.

3.  If you cannot find everything that you need at the dollar store, shop wholesale. You may be able to find large bags of candy, multiple packs of soda pop, and great amounts of food at a fraction of what you would spend at the supermarket. Even with that discount, you may wind up with enough food and supplies to last you until well after the party ends.

4.  When you begin planning your party, keep an eye on your local grocery store sales papers. If an item on your list is on sale, grab it while you can. You can always freeze your foods and save your drinks until it is time for the party.

5.  Save money on food and drinks by purchasing store brand or generic brand items. The name on a box does not usually guarantee you better quality. In fact, most similar items are made from exactly the same ingredients!

6.  While you try to pick out your theme, take a look around your home. You may have nearly everything that you need to throw a smashing theme party. Not only will this tip save you money, but it will also save you time and effort!

7.  Make a note on your invitations requesting guests to bring a particular item. You can ask them to bring a theme-based food, a small gift, a prop that can be used at the party, or anything else that might come handy. This should not offend your guests in any way. Remember, the reason that I attended my second lingerie party was because I was so intrigued by the idea of bringing six ping pong balls!

8.  Save yourself some cash by buying blank invitations instead of pre-made ones. You can easily draw or print your own invitations and cater them to your party much better than a store ever could. In fact, you can find some pre-made lingerie party invitations that will fit in perfectly with your party by visiting our theme pages.

9.  If you are searching for some inexpensive party favors, try making your very own! You could make objects out of papier-mâché or scented sachets -Try to find some colorful material that you have in your home, like the fabric from an old blouse or a scarf that you will never wear again. Cut out circles or squares and cover some flavored tea bags with the fabric. Tie each bag with a pretty ribbon to make your very own homemade sachets. Get creative!

10.  Throw your lingerie party with a friend. Both of you can split the costs of the party and the credit that you earn. This tip will save you money and ensure that you’ll have a great time planning your party because you’ll be doing it in good company. Additionally, you can be sure that you’ll wind up with a lot more guests because two people can create a much larger guest list than one.

And that’s all! With these simple tips and suggestions, you can easily throw a fabulous lingerie party without clearing out your life savings. Have a great time and I hope that your party is a terrific success!

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