Winter Wonderland Lingerie Party Twists

Here are a couple of twists on a Winter Wonderland theme that might intrigue you-

Winter in Vienna Lingerie Party - Picture the floating city in winter- mysterious, grey, and quietly romantic. If you’d like to bring a touch of European class to your winter party, make a few changes to reflect the theme. You could print invitations depicting a gondola in a canal. Reduce the amount of snow in your décor and put up things that remind you of Italy like art pieces and masks from Venetian carnivals. Change your menu to an all Italian bash and plan games centered on ideas like Italian lovers (popular pick-up lines) and the Mafia. (You did not hear that from me!)

Winter anywhere Lingerie Party - Pick a place, any place. Like the Winter in Vienna theme, you can choose any place in the world for inspiration. Just read up a bit on the culture, what winters are like there and start planning!

Outdoor Winter Wonderland - If you choose to throw your party during the winter, you may want to begin the festivities outside where it really is freezing. Have everybody gather in their warmest clothing and set up some chairs outside while you play your icebreaker games and hear the salesperson’s introduction. After your guests start the party off outdoors, they’ll be thrilled to move inside where your hot foods and beverages await them!

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