Winter Wonderland Lingerie Party Games

We've listed out a whole host of lingerie party game ideas that will have your guests squealing with glee! Start off the evening with the Unfreeze the Lingerie ice breaker game and follow it up with any of the following-

Winter Mad Libs - This game works well as an icebreaker, but you can also use it as a standard Winter Wonderland game. Have the players pair up in groups of two. If you are using this as an icebreaker game, have each player pick a number out of a warm, winter hat. Pair up the players who pick out numbers one and two, three and four, five and six, and so on. (If you have an odd amount of players, you can also make one group of three.) Give each team a sheet of paper that has a list that they need to fill in with adjectives, verbs, nouns, and any other figures of speech that might be necessary. Once every team has filled out their sheets, collect the slips of paper. Fill in the blanks of a silly story with each team’s selected list of words. Award each member of the team whose Mad Lib makes everybody laugh the most a prize

Icy Tic Tac Toe
- Play a classic game of Tic Tac Toe with two very interesting twists. Prepare the Tic tac toe game boards beforehand by writing a scrambled word in each square. Since this is a lingerie party scramble simple words like bra, nightie, teddie or harder ones like camisole, chemise etc. Hand out notepads to everyone ,divide your guests into groups of two and tell them that they will have to unscramble a word before they can place their block in a square. Secondly have them play the game with X's and O's made of ice! Prepare the game blocks by pouring water into X and O molds if you can find them and place a bowl of these next to each group. Not only will your guests have to unscramble each word before their opponent can but they will also be racing against time to finish the game before their blocks melt! The first person to unscramble the words correctly and defeat their opponent before their game pieces become a puddle wins! (You can also substitute icy bras and panties instead of X and O's if you can find those molds)

Sexy Snow Vixens - For this game, you will need colored fabric, cotton balls, glitter, lace, beads, sequins, glue, scissors, needles, and thread. You will also need some very ugly and basic pairs of white women’s underwear. Tell your guests to imagine that the fate of the world is in their panties. Jack Frost is willing to bless your guests with some cooler weather, but only if they can appeal to his libido. Their task is to transform their ugly undies into something that will blow away Jack Frost. Set the timer for 15 or 20 minutes and tell them to get started. When the timer stops, tell everybody to put their panties down. Have the guests display their masterpieces and to vote for a winner in a variety of categories like ‘Sexiest,’ ‘Naughtiest,’ ‘Most Hideous,’ ‘Most Creative,’ ‘Most Likely to Melt Jack Frost,’ and ‘Most Likely to Scare Jack Frost (and any other man) Away’. Only allow each guest to vote on a pair of panties once so that everybody will be a winner. Once everybody wins a category, award each guest with their party favors and let them keep their creations.

Baby It’s Cold Outside! - This is a great game to end the party with because it will give your guests a final blast of cold before they reenter the smoldering heat. (It’s also a great game to end with because it will make your clean up time much faster!) Give each guest a bucket filled with ice. Inside of the bucket, insert five to ten key label tags. Write a number on three of the tags. The rest of the tags should be blank. Have each guest dig through their buckets of ice until they find all three numbers. Once they find their three numbers, they will have to scurry over to the walls and find the snowflakes that correspond with their numbers. You can either write the numbers in the bottom corners of the snowflakes or write them on the back of each snowflake. In any case, your guests will have a great time running around and trying to find their three snowflakes before anybody else does. The first person to retrieve their three snowflakes wins a prize. You can also award second and third place prizes if you’d like.

Toppling Penguins - Play a rousing game of indoor bowling. Dress up your pins or plastic bottles to look like penguins and ask your guests to waddle as they approach the run.

An expedition! - For this game, split your guests into two teams-the Polar bears and the Penguins and tie their legs together at the knees. Designate two opposite ends of the room as the North and South poles using signs. Place an equal number of paper fish on a table at each pole, in two different colors, say red and blue. The penguins begin at the South Pole and the polar bears begin at the North. The goal is to pick up the fish from the other Pole using only your mouth and bringing it back home. The penguins bring home only the red fish and the polar bears bring home the blue. Place plenty of obstacles in the way using your furniture. The first team to bring home all the appropriately colored fish wins!

No snow here! - Split your guests into two teams. Each team stands on either side of a line drawn on the floor. Provide each team with an equal number of cotton puffs or Styrofoam balls. When the game starts, the teams throw their snowballs into the other team’s territory as well as those that come flying in. The team with the least number of snowballs on their side after 5 minutes of mayhem wins!

Freeze - Play a traditional game of Freeze throughout the party by yelling freeze when your guests least expect it!

Pass the Key - This is a simple but fun game available at this site. You need two similar sized Very Large Keys (about 6 inches long), each tied to the end of a long length (60 feet or more) coarse string.  The keys and string should have spent a few hours in the freezer immediately before being brought out. Line up teams of about eight to ten.  The key must be passed down trousers and dresses and skirts and the string will show the route followed.  The winning team is the first to get everyone 'threaded" together.



Prizes for your Winter Wonderland Lingerie party are easy to shop for. Here is a great site for winter themed gifts. Here are our suggestions for inexpensive prizes you can easily pass out.

Door prize- Hand out postcards of  scenic winter settings, small angel ornaments, little stuffed toy snowmen, polar bears or a coffee mug filled with chocolates for when Winter really comes knocking on the door.

Game Prizes- Ideas for game prizes include winter sun catchers, colorful scarves, small woolen bags, flavored coffee sachets and exotic fruity moisturizers. Photo snow globes (or picture snowballs) are wonderful because all the lucky guest has to do is insert a picture to personalize it.

If you want to add in a couple of naughtier prizes, you can also buy some inexpensive g-strings and glue or sew snowflakes on the front. Of course, it doesn’t really have to be snowflakes. You can also decorate with cotton balls, fur edges, silver sequins, and anything else that strikes your fancy!

Big Prize
- If you want to add a humorous element, give away a snow cone maker with plenty of flavored syrups.
If you would rather take a prettier approach, buy a silver gift basket or a miniature sled and fill it with some plain white votive candles with silver holders. Add in some white chocolate truffles, a large bottle of warming massage lotion, and a whole lot of cotton balls for a space filler.



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