Anytime Valentine Lingerie Party Twists

Here are some endearing twists you can incorporate into your Valentine lingerie home party to give it a more special touch-

Ye Old Valentine Lingerie party - Transport your guests to the good old days with the Ye Old Valentine Lingerie party. Decorate your rooms in black and white with red accents. Put up posters of old romantic movies like ‘Gone with the wind’ and ‘Casablanca’. Specify a dress code of long dresses and skirts with swept up hairdo’s for the women. Remember that lingerie wasn’t quite so teeny back then. Pictures of corsets, camisoles, petticoats or teddies will do if you don’t get the real thing. Adjust your menu to reflect that old world charm! Be sure to include plenty of games and activities for whopping old-fashioned fun!

Valentine Lingerie Costume party for Couples - Ask your friends to arrive as their favorite romantic couple- from the past or the present. From Romeo and Juliet to Brangelina, everybody’s welcome. Just make sure they leave the kids at home!

Since this is a costume party, its time to glam up the décor. Candles, a red carpet entrance (doable with red plastic rolls), faux fur throws, cushions or even a dress draped across the furniture would add spice to this party.

If you choose to use this twist, make sure that you have plenty of room for couples to sit together.

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