Anytime Valentine Lingerie Party

There’s a special time of the year for celebrating Valentine’s but when it comes to love, there’s no time like now.

Which is why an Anytime Valentine Lingerie Party is a great way to celebrate love whenever you feel like it!

A Valentine party could be geared towards singles or couples. The focus of a singles party would be on taking the time to enjoying and loving yourself. Being single is no excuse for staying at home with this great bash!

If you decide to go ahead with inviting couples, that’s great too. Spending time with a loved one and having oodles of fun together is something any couple would look forward too!

Single or committed, this is one party your guests will walk away from with a smile and a warm glow inside.

So let’s begin!





Whether your guests are single or taken, there’s no reason for them to wait for someone to say “Be Mine!” And there’s no better way to express that fact than to make them feel special when they receive your Anytime Valentine Lingerie Party invitations.

On the outside print a picture of a heart shaped key and write something like-

            To you, I send this key to my heart…

On the inside, you could write-
            But you’ll find no locked doors at my Anytime Valentine Lingerie Party!

You will find Gifts! Lingerie! Chocolate and more! Wear your heart on your sleeves as you step in the door
at (place)
on (date, time).                        

If you’re planning a single’s only party, you might like a more specific invitation Cut out or buy heart shaped cards and invite your guests to be their own Valentines. On the outside of the invitation, write something like:

Treat yourself and take the time
To be your own Valentine …

On the inside of the card, add all of the pertinent information your guests will need to know about your party. You can write something to the effect of:

Chocolate. Games. Prizes. Lingerie.

All of the main necessities for a perfect celebration of Love!

On the night of (date) at (time), get ready to experience some of the most profound fun, excitement, and extreme naughtiness of your life. It’s time to attend the most magnificent Valentine Lingerie Party EVER!

Make sure to leave your lover (or lack thereof) at the door. This party will be all about YOU!

If you want to add an extra touch to your invitation, feel free to include a small game on the back of your invitation to entice your potential guests even more. For instance, you could write:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Finish this poem before the party,
And there’ll be a prize for you!

When your guests arrive at the party, everybody will get a chance to read their silly poems. This will serve as a terrific ice breaker and it will be a great time to pass out the first prizes of the night.



Printable Invitations & More!

Valentine Printables

Here's a complete page with our very own Valentine based printable designs you can download and print for free:



    * Printable Invitations
    * Blank Invitations for Lingerie showers or Thank You cards

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When it comes to lingerie party decorations for your Valentine party gather up as much red, pink, and white as you can. Stick balloons with these colors throughout the party area and you’ll already be halfway finished with the decorative process!

You can add a creative touch to your tables by adding large paper laced doilies under all of the main drinks and platters, and by using smaller doilies as coasters. Even if you choose not to use paper laced doilies as coasters, make sure that you have some kind of disposable coasters in stock. This will come in handy during the game portion of the night. (See Dirty Doily Delight for more details about this!)

Another way to make your party feel like a Valentine Paradise is to hang bits of Valentine paraphernalia on the walls. You can hang up pictures of hearts, Cupid, print out posters of romantic movies or albums and just about anything else that reminds you of Valentine’s Day. Make hot looking candy out of…frisbees! Hang up some pieces of lingerie on the wall to add a lingerie touch to your party.

Make a small love tree by sticking a few branches into a ball of Styrofoam and placing it in a pot. Cover the base of the tree with red tissue paper. Wind ribbons around the branches and paste the ends, or cover with foil. Decorate it with love notes, ribbons, candy and hearts. This would make a great centerpiece. Arrange the prizes you plan to give away around it. At the end of the party, surprise everyone by holding a mock lottery and give away ‘the love tree’ to the big winner!

Flowers make wonderful additions to any party. If fresh flowers are beyond your budget, just fill the place up with faux petals. Scatter them on tables, on sofas, on the floor! At approximately $6 for a pack of 500 petals, you don’t need to stint. For a glamorous yet easy to make decorations, you’ll need  a black or red sheet of paper and scissors. Draw and cut out silhouettes of a kissing couple. Paste them on the wall or onto heart shaped cardboard cutouts. Hot lips can also be made in a similar fashion.



For this party, presentation is everything! Make sure that you add some heart or lip shapes to anything that you make.

The one thing you cannot do without is a set of heart shaped cookie cutters. From jelly to toast and jam, everything needs that special shape to tug at the heart strings. Just experiment and you’ll love the results!

To sum up the theme of your Valentine Lingerie Party food in one word:


Most people like chocolate at any time of the year, but Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the chocolate maniacs in all of us. For that reason, most of your foods should center on chocolate finger foods and recipes.

For finger foods, place some heart shaped boxes of chocolate, fondue with a fruit platter, chocolate pudding in cups, of chocolate, and chocolate covered strawberries. To make a long story short, if the word chocolate is in the title, you can and should serve it!

Try making a delicious heart shaped pizza.

Every party has health nuts and you don’t want to spoil it for them. So add a few harmless dishes, just to even things out-

Eden’s Garden - Here’s a salad everyone will enjoy. In a bowl, add a bunch of baby spinach leaves, slice in fresh strawberries, add a few teaspoons of lime juice and a little salt. Toss, refrigerate and serve chilled. (Throw in a few edible heart and lip sprinkles for a very cute valentine salad.)

Or try some of our heart-warming recipes - 'Sweets for the Sweet' Chocolate Truffles, Sweetheart Berry Pie and Hearfelt fudge



As with all parties, your Valentine Lingerie Party should have enough drinks to make everybody happy. Try to keep a stock of soda, juice, and liquor if that is age appropriate. For a decorative twist, make sure that all of your drinks are red or pink. Drinks like red wine, berry wine coolers, and fruit punch will blend in with your theme perfectly.

If you want to make an extra special drink, you may want to consider making one of my favorite drink recipes. Here is all you need to create a delicious Cherry Cherub Margarita

For more drinks in enticing colors, visit this site And remember, it’s easy to make red heart ice cubes. All you need is a little red food coloring and heart shaped ice cube trays!

Party Favors

Try making your own party favors. This will add a personal touch to your party and make your guests appreciate your efforts even more. You could find a simple chocolate recipe and whip up a batch to hand out to your guests as they leave. The “Heartfelt Fudge” recipe in the food section would be ideal, especially if they’re handed out in small heart shaped boxes or decorative foil. Your guests are bound to remember this sweet gesture.

For a more traditional party favor experience, you could put together a few fun items for your guests. Pack red drawstring bags or decorated paper bags/buckets with heart shaped key chains, charms, candy, note pads, rubber stamps, red tissue paper…..if its red or shaped like a heart, you really can’t go wrong. Slip in a love poem that you found online and top off with a few rose petals. A perfect party favor recipe! For really affordable

gifts, decorations, costumes and party favors visit this lovely site


Get intimate with games like Dirty Doily Delight, Uncomfortable underwear, anyone?, Spare the frog and spoil your guests! Check out these and other exciting game and prize ideas.


Make your heart-warming Valentine lingerie party more interesting by adding a few twists!


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