Anytime Valentine Lingerie Party Games

When it comes to any kind of lingerie party, you should always start with an icebreaker game. Here are a couple of heart-warming lingerie party games that will fit in right with your Valentine theme-

Uncomfortable underwear, anyone? - Write down the names of famous personalities with quirky or noticeable characteristics on pieces of paper and then fold them up. Each guest has to pick one and pretend to be that person fidgeting with uncomfortable underwear! He or she is not allowed to talk. The others guests have to guess who the personality is. Since acting skills are on the line here, the person who acts the best wins. You can judge this based on the time taken for the others to make the right guess or by vote.
Suggested personalities: Pamela Anderson, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Jim Carrey, Hulk Hogan, Angelina Jolie(Tomb Raider), Shakira.

Heavenly love - As the fable goes, heaven is filled with people who have learned to feed each other with unusually long spoons which they’d never be able to use to feed themselves. The unenlightened folk of hell, on the other hand, simply starved. So, this game, you’d be delighted to know, has a spiritual theme but a messy reality!

Split your guests into teams of four. Provide them with chopsticks and have them face each other in a square. Place a bowl filled with jelly in the center. When you say ‘Go!’ your guests will have to use the chopsticks to lift the jelly and feed the person next to them! Give the teams thirty seconds. The team with the most amount of jelly consumed in that time wins. This game requires preparation as you’d have to make a couple of bowls of jelly before the party.

Dirty Doily Delight - This game is where the doily coasters and the lingerie on the walls will really come into play. Once your guests get comfortable, inform them that each of their coasters have three numbers written beneath them. Each of those numbers corresponds to a piece of lingerie hanging on the walls. (Before you hang the lingerie, tape a number onto the back of each piece of clothing. Make sure that you don’t put any consecutive numbers near each other!) Tell your guests that they are on a race to find their pieces of lingerie and tell them where they can find the corresponding numbers on the lingerie. As they find each piece of lingerie on their lists, they will have to put it somewhere on their bodies. (That does not necessarily mean that they have to put it on as it’s meant to be worn!) Count to three and let your guests begin their search. The first person to put on all three pieces of his or her lingerie wins a prize. You can also award smaller prizes for second and third place if you’d like.

Spare the frog! Spoil the guests! - (For a singles party)

This game is a variation of the classic musical chairs game. It’s all about a little green frog (Get a toy or a stuffed one).Split your guests into two teams-the Hopefuls and the Cynicals. The Hopefuls hope that kissing the frog might just get them a Prince. The Cynicals- well, they say ‘A frog is a frog is a frog.’

Place the frog on a small table in the center of the room and draw a wide circle around it The two teams stand ready on either side.  When the music starts, one of the Hopefuls and one of the Cynicals walk around the edge of the circle. When the music stops, the person who grabs the frog stays, the other leaves the game. If its a Hopeful, look the other way, ladies, as she steals a kiss!

At the end of the game, the person who remains wins and declares the frog to be a Prince or just another frog.

One Hand, One Heart - For this game, you’ll want to gather plenty of construction paper, glue, glitter, markers, cotton balls, beads, lace, and any other decorative items that you can think of. Have your guests take a seat at a table and tell them that they’re going to have a Valentine making contest. Tell everybody that they will vote at the end of the game to see who will win the prize. Once everybody feels confident in their arts and crafts abilities, it will be time for you to lay down the twist to this game. Everybody can decorate their Valentine cards however they want - but they have to keep one hand behind their backs while they do so. Oh, and they only have ten minutes. Start a timer and let your guests get to work. Before you know it, everybody will be laughing, cursing, and scurrying around to gather their supplies and make their masterpieces single-handedly. At the end of the game, have each guest vote on a variety of categories like ‘Most Beautiful,’ ‘Most Terrible,’ ‘Most Creative,’ ‘Most Destined to Become a Hallmark Card,’ ‘Most Likely to Offend a Potential Valentine,’ and any other categories that you can think of. Only allow each guest to vote for a card one time so that everybody can win a prize. Award everybody with their party favors after this game is finished.

Love Stinks - This is a very fun game that also works wonderfully as an icebreaker. Have all of your guests write down three of the funniest, most unbelievable things that have ever happened to them on a date or in a relationship. Two of those things should be true and one should be a lie. Have each guest read his or her list out loud while the other guests mark down which one they think is a lie. At the end of the game, have each player reveal which statement was a lie. Whoever guessed the most lies correctly wins a prize. In the case of a tie, award more than one prize.



Take photographs of each person in a rented cupid’s costume. It’s a great addition to Thank You cards if you plan for them.

If you’re having a singles party and you have an internet connection, leave the Love Calculator page on. Let your single friends enjoy calculating their compatibility with that hunk from work or the mysterious neighbor! 

The easiest and most enjoyable activity is to get a great collection of love songs, turn up the volume and let your guests sing along or dance.

Love doctor ( For singles) -
This is ideally the last activity of the party. Sew or paste a large red heart to a white headband. Wear it and announce to the group that you’re there to take care of all their love problems. Prepare a quirky questionnaire and quiz your guests for hilarious results. Questions could include-

  • How would you respond if a man came up to you and said “Hello! We don’t know each other in this lifetime, but I’m sure we’ve met before this!”?
  • If you could choose between De Caprio, Brad Pitt and Robin Williams who would you choose and why?

End the session with a love spell that heals and puts you in a loving place. Your guests will appreciate this final whimsical touch to an absolutely fantastic party.

Love doctor ( For Couples) -
Change the questionnaire to quiz you guests about their spouses or significant other. Remember to keep it all light-hearted and fun! Questions like-

  • What is your man’s favorite sleeping position? Demonstrate!
  • If she were marooned on an island, what would be the first thing she’d search for?

End the session with a love spell for everlasting love or read a short inspirational poem.



Thankfully, the Valentine’s Day industry makes it very easy for you to find inexpensive, yet nice prizes for you to award at your party. Just make sure that you stick with your general theme and any prize will really do.

Door Prize - Give each guest a small, heart shaped frame for them to insert their favorite picture.

Game Prizes - For a Valentine Lingerie Party, you should purchase a bunch of small, heart shaped boxes of chocolate to pass out to game winners. Just try not to give the same prize to the same person, because you don’t want to deal with a chocolate overdose!

You can also hand out random odds and ends that make people think of love. Give away boxes of naughty heart candies (the naughty version of the candies that say things like ‘Be Mine’), pieces of lingerie, red or pink candles, stuffed animals, apples with a 'Love Always' message carved out on them and anything else that reminds you of Valentine’s Day.

Big Prize - You could award an enormous teddy bear with a gift certificate or coupon for the lingerie that is on sale at your party.

You could also award a gift basket filled with chocolates, candles, g-strings, massage oils, red rose soaps and any other love related goodies that pop into your head. A heart shaped locket would send any guest into a flutter of delight. Whatever prize you choose will be fine, so long as it reminds your guests of Valentine’s Day and your fabulous party!



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