Roman Toga Lingerie Party Twists

If you've had enough of the same old toga party ideas, it's time to give your toga party a unique twist!

BLT Party - If you want to incorporate the lingerie aspects into your party more, you could also throw a bathing suit, lingerie, toga party. This kind of party works the same way as a standard toga party, but guests have the additional options of wearing bathing suits or lingerie instead of togas. If you choose to incorporate this kind of theme, you may want to focus more on the costume aspects in games and a bit less on the Greek and Roman elements. In any case, this is a fun twist on the traditional toga party idea that is sure to carry some zaniness with it!

Animal House Party - If Animal House is the main inspiration for your party, you could strictly focus your party on that movie. At this kind of party, you don’t need to focus much on decorations. In fact, the messier your home is, the more authentic it will be! You can try to recapture the feeling of the Animal House toga party by taping covering your walls with large pieces of easel paper. Instead of using paper for games, have your guests write on the walls. This is one toga party idea where anything goes!

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