Roman Toga Lingerie Party Games

By now you should have plenty of ideas on how to throw a toga party. The next step is to get all your guests involved in a couple of exciting toga party games! Get your guests to loosen up with an icebreaker game to start with. And now, let the games begin!

Thumb Gladiators - It's time for all the braves out there to show what they are made of! Prepare thumb sized helmets out of candy wrapper in such a way that there's a long bit of wrapper sticking out at the top of the helmet which you can twist. (The final helmet should have something that resembles a unicorn horn shape on it) Divide all your guests into groups of two or ask them to pick out their partners. Contestants should fix their thumb helmets on firmly and be prepared to do battle! There's only one rule here in this toga party game -- Direct thumb-to-thumb contact is forbidden. The first person to topple the others helmet by virtue of their sword fighting skills wins! Keep the game going pitting winner against winner until you have a final winner. This battle weary warrior deserves a special prize so have everyone hail the champion loudly and present him or her with a lingerie crown!

Trojan Tug of War - Everybody loves a good game of tug of war, and that’s especially true when togas are involved. Divide the guests into two teams for this toga party game and have each team hold on to one side of a rope or a twisted bed sheet. Since this is a lingerie party, firmly secure a g-string or another form of naughty nightie to the center of the rope. Place some form of a line across the floor. Have each team pull on the rope until the naughty nightie in the center crosses one side of the line. Whoever ends up with the naughty nightie on their side is on the winning team.

But since there can only be one winner, split that team in half again. Continue doing this until there is only one round of tug of war left. The last person who pulls the naughty nightie or g--string onto their side of the line wins. Award this person a prize - and as an additional form of amusement, tell them that they have to display their victorious status by keeping the g-string somewhere on their body for the rest of the night.!

Hunt the Lion's loincloth - This is one of the most hilarious toga party games we've played! Buy a small furry lion toy and tie a piece of cloth firmly around its backside so that it resembles underwear. Have an urn or a tall vase ready and stuff it to the brim with water, a lot of wet sponges and any other soft item that will make it difficult for people to navigate. Throw in a few smaller plastic or furry animals such as bears or tigers or any other fearsome beasts. Make sure to put the lion toy at the very bottom. The point of the game is to put one hand in the urn, find the lion and pull of his underwear! The winner is the one who pulls only the loincloth out of the urn and not the lion. Guests cannot use both hands. The number of guests that can play this game depends upon the number of hands that can fit in the urn's mouth at any one time. You can award bonus points to whoever collects the smaller animals but they will have to decide whether they pull out the smaller animal and go back in for the fight or discard the lesser beast and grapple for the prize winning loincloth. Happy hunting! 

SHOUT Musical Chairs - One of the most memorable parts of Animal House is the scene at the toga party when Otis Day & The Knights sing the song “Shout.” So, if you want to have the best toga party possible, you’re going to have to include that song - and there’s no better way to do that than with a classic game of musical chairs! When you play this game, the salesperson or other designated disc jockey will play “Shout” while the guest dance around a circle of chairs. Naturally, the guests should be singing along with the song and doing the traditional dance that comes along with it. Each time the music stops, the guests will have to scurry for a chair. The person who does not get to a chair in time is out of the game. Every time a person leaves the game, take out an additional chair. The last person sitting will win a well-earned prize and be proclaimed the Shout Champion.

Trolley Chariot Races - In case you have a garden or can stage a game outdoors, this would be one of the most memorable toga party games you can play. If you have a few wheelbarrows or can get the use of several shopping carts for a while it's time to hold your very own chariot race! Decorate the trolleys or wheelbarrows with streamers. Ask one person to sit inside and have the other ready to push them. Have a person shout 'Go' or play a trumpet to announce the start. The first one to cross the winning line wins!

Roman Dodge ball - This is another fun game you can play outdoors. Divide your guests into two teams and play a game of dodge ball. The last one left standing is the winner.

Shoot the Bikini - This is a really interesting game that is sure to amuse all your guests. Pin or tape up an archery board to the wall and fix several pieces of paper lingerie shapes on it like boxer shorts, teddies, long nightwear etc. Fix the bikini in the bulls eye. Have each person shoot a plastic arrow whoever gets closest or shoots right on the bikini wins a prize. You can also use darts instead of arrows. If you want to make this game a bit naughtier, you could hang up a poster of a Chippendale dancer or a famous actor. Designate a spot on his body as the chosen target. Whoever comes closest to the target wins the game and gets a prize.

Emperor and Empress Treasure Hunt - This toga party game is a bit like the quest for the Holy Grail, with lingerie in place of the Grail. Hide two funny pieces of lingerie somewhere at the site of the party. (Only hide one if this party is strictly for women.) Have each of the guests search for the piece of lingerie. The first person of each sex who finds it wins a laurel wreath to proclaim him or her as the Emperor or Empress of the party.

Find the Sacred Gum - Take a plate and place a piece of bubblegum on it. Put a lot of whipped cream on top of the bubblegum. Prepare enough plates for all your guests. The first person to eat all their whipped cream, find the bubblegum and blow a bubble gets to be the winner. The most important rule here is no hands! Your guests will have to eat the whipped cream straight off the plate and pop the gum in the same way. Make sure to take a lot of pictures since this will be utterly hilarious.

Toga Fashion Contest - Togas might be made out of the same material, but you would be amazed to see how different one can look from another. To reward everybody for their stylish efforts, you could hold a hot toga party fashion contest. Have each guest vote on who has the best toga party dress in a variety of categories. You can award a prize for skimpiest toga, funniest toga, most authentic toga, or any other category that you can think of. For this game, it would be ideal if each guest won a prize, so inform the voters that they cannot vote for the same person more than once. Before the night is over, tally up the votes and announce the winner for each toga party dress category. Since everybody will be a winner, that will be the perfect time for you to pass out the party favors.

Now that you've got a number of ideas for great toga party games lets move on to some fun acitivities!


Toga Party Activities

If you've been searching high and low for a couple of ideas for activities at toga parties, look no further. We've highlighted some excellent activities that'll help you when planning a toga party. (Note:* College students can use these ideas to generate a bit of revenue at a college toga party by selling the final picture to fellow students for a dollar.)

If you'd like to get your guests more involved in the party consider making some Roman Graffiti* that they can take home with them! Put up some chart paper over one entire section of the wall and some old newspapers right beneath it on the floor. Have some paints available in shallow trays and ask your guests to doodle lingerie designs on the wall with their hands and leave their handprints on the wall with their names next to them. You can take some pictures of the wall later on and send it to them as a party favor! (Makes a perfect college toga party favor)

Additionally you could also ask guests to bring along a small piece of modeling clay along with them (Remember to include this in the invitation) to make a Designer lingerie Roman Mosaic* during the course of the party. This works well when you have a lot of guests! Keep some decorative items ready like small beads or feathers or sparkly stones in little bowl for them to use and tell them that the party is their place to create the most outrageous Lingerie based Roman mosaic ever! Ask them to shape their clay to create their own designer lingerie during the course of the party and affix it to a chart paper or wooden frame on the wall with their initials embedded into the clay lingerie. Take pictures of the Roman lingerie mosaic and send it to your guests as a party favor. Alternatively you could get your guests to vote on the top designs and hold an auction! Talk in auction style and sell off the lingerie to the winning bidder.

Fun facts
Curious about the kind of lingerie Roman women used? According to Wikipedia "Mosaics of the Roman period indicate Roman women (primarily in an athletic context, whilst wearing nothing else) sometimes wore wrapped breast cloths or  brassieres made of soft leather, along with loincloths and possibly something like panties. Any cloth used may have been wool, linen or linsey-woolsey blend. Only the upper classes could have afforded imported silk."

Take a look here to check out the kind of board games the Romans played.

Photograph the Gods* - Get two posters that portray Mars (the Roman God of War) and Venus( the Roman Goddess of  Love), paste them on a board and cut out the shapes of their faces. Try to see if you can get other interesting posters, such as roman couple feeding each other grapes. Alternatively you could create busts or body shapes out of paper mache of both the gods just till their necks and put some real lingerie appropriately on both the figures. Inform your guests that it's their chance to see Mars and Venus unveiled and get photographed as an ancient Roman God! (This is another toga party idea that will be perfect for a college toga party)

Roman Trade Away - Depending upon the size of your crowd you might want to host a small Roman Market. If there is going to be a huge crowd, you can inform your guests in the invitation that there will be a Roman market at the venue where they can barter their goods! Ask them to bring one item that they are willing to trade. Set up market alcoves at the party venue. You can set up small footstools here and there or drape a bright cloth over particular tables to designate the market area. Just make it a comfortable spot for guests to relax in. Whoever wants to trade can seat them selves at the market area and display their item and whoever feels like browsing can just walk around. This way all the guests will have a chance to both trade or browse whenever they feel like it. If you want to make it simpler you can restrict the items beforehand. For example you can ask your guests to bring the most atrocious piece of touristy junk they own. If its a college toga party, students can exchange their wackiest books. The only rules here are that each item gets exchanged for one other item and of course, there is no money involved. Since this is a Roman trade away you could ask them to bring anything that resembles an ancient trinket. If the items are small enough instead of having a market, guests can wear the goods they are willing to barter. The fun part of this activity will be all the fantastic items on display and the bartering!


Toga Party Prize Ideas

The good news is that the Romans and Greeks lived rather simply, so there is no need for you to spend your life savings on these prizes.

Since you will be giving away a significant amount of prizes, it may be best for you to give away as many random gifts as you can. For instance, the winner of the "Shoot the Bikini" game could win a pin to put on his or her toga. The winner of SHOUT Musical Chairs could win an Animal House soundtrack or a mixed CD with songs that were played at the party. (“Shout” should be included on that CD, of course!)

You could give away a jar of honey, a bottle of wine, a new sheet for another toga party, or even Roman slave handcuffs. You could hand out wreaths made out of celery or pine or even parsley leaves for a college toga party. For more laughs make a lingerie crown by weaving in a thong along with the parsley -- This can be awarded as a special prize.

Big Prize - For this kind of party, it may be best to prepare a simple wicker basket filled with gifts. You could line the bottom of the basket with a pretty sheet that can either be used for another toga in the future or for a person’s bedroom. (This is a great tactic because a sheet makes a terrific basket filler!)

On top of the sheet, place a pretty vase, a small column, or any other kind of decorative item that relates to your theme. Finish off the basket by adding some candies and a piece of risqué lingerie from the sleepwear line.

If you want to make it more interesting you can even put in some chain mail lingerie or chain mail headgear.

And that’s all there is to it!

Toga Party Twists

If you've had enough of toga party games and are looking for some more interesting toga party ideas consider throwing the same party with a few twists!


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