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When the movie Animal House came out in 1978, the world's perception of college parties changed forever. Toga parties became the standard norm for what any good college lingerie party or sorority lingerie party should be and anybody who has ever been to a toga party can testify to the exact reason why.  

I personally went to a toga party a few years back and it was one of the greatest nights of my life.

With that said, I'll leave you with the famous words that Animal House's villain Neidermeyer said in reference to the most infamous toga party ever held.

"A Roman Toga Party was held from which we have received more than two dozen reports of individual acts of perversion SO profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here."

Thankfully, toga parties aren't about decorum, so let the listing begin!


Toga Party Invitations

To create your very own toga party invitations begin by buying a package of blank invitation cards. On the outside of the card, write down the Animal House phrase, “You guys up for a toga party?” Now that you have the invitation recipients’ attention, write something like this on the inside of the card:

Toga! Toga! Toga

Get ready for a night of togas, games, drinks, and a whole lot of lingerie. It’s time to attend a Toga lingerie party!

This Roman affair will take place at (location) on (date and time).

Be sure to wear your finest bedding and beware … Those who arrive without a toga just might have to improvise!

If you want to make your toga party invitation look a bit more special, you can consider printing them out on your computer with a picture from Animal House on the cover. You could also search for invitations that have a column, a pair of sandals, a head wreath, or anything else Roman on the front to give them an ancient Roman feel.

Useful Links

In case your guests arrive sans toga or are bewildered by the intricacies of wearing one, here's help on how to get them suitably dressed. Check out this excellent site on how to make and wear a toga. Here's some more information about the hairstyles and accessories that go along with a toga and a fun glimpse at what a Roman Makeover looks like! In case you want to know more about Toga's and Romans, you can soak it all up at the following links - History of Toga's , Roman life and Roman clothing.


Toga Party Printables

Printable Invitations & More!

Toga Party Invitations

Here's a complete page with our very own Toga party invitations you can download and print for free:


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Toga Party Decorations

Generally, Toga parties are pretty sparse in terms of decorations. The main focus of your party will be on food, beverages, games, and prizes. In terms of decorations, this is probably the easiest and cheapest kind of lingerie party that you could throw.

You’ll want to keep your decorations simple and stick to neutral colors. If you have any white or off-white columns in your home, now would be the time to display them. If you don’t have columns readily available, you can buy some plastic or papier-mâché columns from a party store. You can also display any terracotta vases, urns, or other forms of pottery that you may have lying around. Consider giving your toga party decorations a light-hearted touch by making exotic-looking Roman pillars out of white balloons.

A great way to balance off the neutral colors that you put on display is to put out a large amount of greenery. You can place plants, fake trees, artificial vines or any other greens that you have in your home in the party area to complete your toga party decorations. Hang some of these from the wall to look like ivy, or decorate the food table with them.

To further set the mood, consider playing some Harp music in the background or some Toga rock music. If you have time on your hands, make statues or busts out of papier-mâché and place them around the party area.

Other than those simple touches, your home will not need much else to prepare it for a Roman toga party. Easier than you thought, isn’t it?


Toga Party Menu Ideas

Most lingerie parties focus more on finger foods and snacks than on complicated dishes. If you are looking for toga party menu ideas, try to think back to what the ancient Romans or Greeks ate. (Most of their foods were the same back then, so you can get away with either culture!) You can serve your guests grapes, figs, olives, oysters, asparagus, raisins, and deviled eggs as snacks.

You can also toast some bread sprinkled with olive oil and a touch of oregano along with a Chicken Caesar salad for relatively simple yet authentic foods.

If you want to serve some other foods that are a bit different, there are plenty of other dishes for you to choose. Here are some toga party recipes that you may want to try:

Greek Pizza - This is a lot like a traditional pizza, but with a few differences. Take the pizza crust and spread on a thin layer of olive oil. Cover that with feta cheese, finely diced garlic, oregano, and thyme. Whatever you do, don't add tomato sauce! Bake the pizza in the oven until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is thoroughly melted. Then voila! Your dinner will be ready to serve.

Yoghurt Cups
- This is a traditional meal that is still very common in Greece and Italy. Fill individual cups or glasses with plain, unflavored yogurt. Drizzle enough honey on top of the cup to fully cover the yogurt. Give your guests a spoon and let them dig in. This dish might be simple, but it's also simply delicious. A perfect Toga party recipe!

Pita Bread Supreme - Even if you're not throwing a party, you might want to try this dish! Grill or toast some pita bread until it is warm but not so crunchy that it flakes apart. Cover the bread with Greek tsatski sauce. This kind of sauce is made from a mixture of strained yogurt, thinly sliced cucumber, and a whole lot of garlic. Once the bread is covered, fold the bread in half. That's all there is to it!


In case you would like to serve a cake at your toga party, make it a cake to remember! Whip up a cake that looks shaped like a boar or a pig with an apple in its mouth! Create a spectacular pig shaped cake by following these simple instructions here or you can try something more elaborate.

Desserts - The Romans called this part of the meal the 'Secunda Medusa.'  Serve simple cakes sweetened with honey or fruits such as apples, pears and fig. Sugared almonds or candied nuts would be a good choice too.

If you'd like to try some really authentic toga party recipes or are looking for more complex toga party menu ideas, here's a link to an excellent resource on roman cuisine including a collection of antique roman dishes and roman  vegetarian dishes that will help you put together the perfect menu for your toga party


Toga Party Beverages

Have a variety of drinks to serve each of your guests’ needs. Keep an ample supply of juices, beer and wine.

For an extra treat, you should also consider making Ambrosia. This may be a drink from the gods, but it is easy to make and it will add perfectly to the theme. You can concoct this drink by mixing equal parts brandy and champagne, adding a dash of triple sec and amaretto, and squeezing in a lemon. Stir the drink gently to avoid a champagne overflow and pour over glasses filled with ice.

If you want to make your drinks stand out, consider removing everything from its original bottle and place it in jugs or urns for an authentic feel. Guests can easily pour their drinks out of a jug and you can serve drinks from an urn with a ladle.


Toga Party Favors

Party favors for a Roman toga party are a lot of fun. One great idea is to purchase a small piece of pottery for each guest and write his or her name on the piece. Fill the pottery with a ‘Thank you for coming’ scroll, fake Roman coins, and a little bit of candy.

This kind of party favor is terrific because it won’t cost you much money but guests will be able to save it forever. And as long as they can keep their party favors, they’ll never be able to forget the terrific party where they won them to begin with!


Toga Party Games

What are toga parties without gladiators circling around in a ring, wrestling with fearsome beasts or heated chariot races? You'll find plenty of ideas and party games for toga parties along with fun prize ideas in our special games and activities section.


Toga Party Twists

Looking for more interesting ways to throw a Roman toga party? Check out our twists page!


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