Rainforest Lingerie Party Games

Slow sloth race - This is a great icebreaker. Your guests have to walk forward, as slowly as possible and get to the finish line. However, the person who finishes last wins! Add a twist to the game by asking your guests to walk backward.

Go bananas - This is a banana relay for cool chimps only! Divide your guests into teams and ask them to stand in rows with at least a foot between each person. The first person in each team has to run to the table where you’ve provided a basket of toy bananas (or any collection of fruits). The person has to run back to their place and pass the banana to the next person in line by bending over and throwing it to them from between their legs. The person passes it on to the next member and the last person on the team has to run over to their tree (provide a basket lined with green paper), and put it in. Only one banana at a time can be passed and dropped bananas do not count. The team which has collected the biggest stash when you blow the whistle after thirty seconds wins!

Entwined vines - This is a really funny game that will have your guests laughing too hard to worry about winning. (Which is perfect, since there’s no way to win here.)

Ask your guests to stand in a circle facing each other. Everyone puts their right hand in and grabs hold of someone else’s right hand. After everyone’s found a hand, ask them to do the same with their left hands. Now ask your guests to untangle themselves, without letting go of their hands! Watch as your party turns into a circus of leaping, crawling, body contortionists. .

Alpha Frog -Get a few yoyos’s and ask your guests to try their hand at striking toy bugs placed on a pile of stones or any surface. The person who proves to be the most dexterous is crowned Alpha frog. Hip, hip…ribbit!

Jungle Piñata - Get a Parrot piñata or any jungle animal and unleash your guests on their hapless prey!



We have fun activities that will keep your guests occupied and make your Rainforest Lingerie party all the more memorable-

Fossil making - Learn how to make imprints of shells, twigs or leaves and create your own fossils. Care to make fossils out of coffee grounds? Try making this sea shell fossil using plaster of Paris. Use natural materials of different shapes and textures and let your guests take home their fossil souvenirs.

Rainstick making - Rainsticks are musical instruments which produce the sound of falling rain. This South American craft originally used dried cacti, thorns and pebbles. Now, however, you can make rainsticks out of a variety of objects. You’ll find detailed instructions and pictures to help you make a traditional rainstick at this site. Check out this site too for instructions as well as a bit of history. If you’d like to keep it as simple as possible, here’s a video for making a simple kids rainstick that isn’t so authentic but works nevertheless.

Rainforest hand mural - Get a broad white canvas sheet and put it up on a wall or a board. Provide dishes with various shades of green paint and a few markers in different colors. Ask your guests to leave their handprints with a friendly message. Take pictures of the mural when everyone’s had a turn and send it along with your thank you notes.

Environment footprint mural - This is similar to the above activity, except you use brown paint and ask your guests to use their feet.

Leaf crafts - Check this site for a splendid collection of DIY crafts using leaves including cute leaf people!


In keeping with the theme, you could get prizes for your Rainforest Lingerie party from places like your local Rainforest café gift shop. Check out ‘The Jungle Store’ for a huge collection of gifts. You could search for environment friendly products made by indigenous people or this fair trade site. There are also many sites online that provide organic or ‘green’ gifts.

You could also get exotic wall masks such as African/tribal masks or tribal jewelry pieces made from seeds, handcrafted products like embroidered purses or scarves, woven bags etc. There are many little things inspired by the rainforest that you could shop for- like rainforest picture calendars, notebooks, potpourri, and spa kits containing exotic fruity soaps.

There are many sites that offer affordable products specific to a theme. Here are a few gems we found - Take a look at this ingenious ‘Frog Store’ which has everything that you could possibly imagine with frogs.


Mushroom lovers will probably flip over all the little gifts available at Fungi and in case you would like to send your guests home with something a little more colorful, take a look at these Toucans and parrots. (Here's a lovely article on the top ten toucan gifts that you could hand out.) For whacky monkey based gifts, check out Monkeygoods huge collection.

For bigger prizes consider

Friendly forest faces - These cute faces can be attached to trees to give them wonderful fun expressions. These attach to trees with small nails and do not hurt them. Ant farms and Miniature Terrariums are also a good idea and these little bits of nature will delight your guests for a long time to come. You can make your own small terrariums. Check out our ideas for favors, since many of them can double up as prizes.

For a big grand prize, make an Amazonian headdress with feathers, and adorn it with a few choice pieces of lingerie!



If you'd like to throw the same party with a few twists check out our special Twists section.


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