Rainforest Lingerie Party

Teeming with life and tremendous natural beauty, rainforests have a magic all of their own.

You can recreate the magic with your very own rainforest lingerie party with a lush green heavenly setting, forest inspired foods and rowdy games!

Your rainforest lingerie home party can be a jungle of fun and for the more serious minded, an opportunity to set an example.

You could use forest friendly, recycled products throughout and collect brochures from your local recycling factories and conservation organizations to hand to your guests.

You could even raise funds to donate to rainforest organizations. We’ve compiled a list of top organizations and more information on how you can help.

Good intentions aside, it time for you to party! So let’s get started!




For your Rainforest Lingerie party, have the invitations printed on recycled paper or cards. You could decorate it with pictures or stickers of forest birds, animals and trees. You could go for the elegant look with simple dried, pressed leaves and flowers. Another option is to send each of your guests a rainforests sounds music CD. Remove the CD’s cover label and insert your invitation in its place. Here is a useful site which helps you make professional looking CD covers using your own pictures within minutes.

If you’d really like to get into the theme, you could make spiral snake invitations. Print the words of your invitation in a spiral fashion on a circular piece of paper. Cut from a point on the outside (the tail) and spiral inwards leaving a circle in the center (which will be the head). Draw on a pair of eyes and attach a forked paper tongue.

On the outside of the invitation, make a busy forest scene with plants, animals and a waterfall. In different fonts, scatter words that represent the sounds of the rainforest, like-

Kree Kree, Ribbit, Uwoo, Sssss, Wuyoo, Caw-aw, Ooovi, Roarr

On the inside, write something like-

The sights and sounds of the rainforest await you at my Rainforest Lingerie party!

Lively games, captivating prizes and earthy food to be had
on (time, date)
at (place)

If you’ve decided to organize a fund-raising, you might want to mention it to your guests earlier on. Now that your invitations are done, its time for the fun part!


Printable Invitations & More!

Rainforest Printables

Here's a complete page with our very own Rainforest based printable designs you can download and print for free:


    * Printable Invitations
    * Blank Invitations for Lingerie showers or Thank You cards

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To turn your party area into a rainforest, you’ll need plenty of greenery including trees and vines and a few birds and animals. Visit your local party and craft stores for inflatable animals, birds and plastic vines, leaves, flowers and trees. You can get jungle print balloons for this theme too. Since the rainforest theme is a popular school learning activity, you should find many of these things in school supply stores.

However, you could make your own decorations, and try your hand at a few ideas that are environment friendly too. Here’s how-

Trees, vines and shrubs- You can make vines out of paper bags or construction paper. Drape toy snakes around the vines. Make enough to hang across trees and from the ceiling so that it falls onto tables and chairs. Here is a pretty tropical vine that you can affix to your ordinary vines in a few places.

It’s easy to create the perfect forest with a few yards of camouflage netting in forest green. You could drape this over surfaces, spread it out on the floor or ideally, hang it across your ceiling to resemble a canopy. To create the effect of dappled light coming through the canopy, tape serial lights like Christmas lights on the ceiling all above the canopy layer. (Make sure that the whole thing is safe.)

To make huge trees, use cardboard tubes or canopy poles for the trunk and cover with brown construction paper or paper bags. Make leaves of different shapes for each tree (include a banana plant or two) and gigantic leaves for plants at the floor or table level. You could also use natural elements like raffia extensively.

If you’d like to create miniature forests and place it throughout the party area, get bottle brush trees from craft shops. They come in different small sizes (one, two and four inches) and colors and are inexpensive.

Rainforests are famous for orchids and bromeliads. You could add an exotic dash of color by making colorful tissue paper or felt flowers.

Tips: Make small trees using a craft material called bumpy chenille. They’re just fuzzy pipe cleaners available in craft stores or fabric shops. Here's a downloadable video on how to make trees using them in a matter of minutes.

Animals, birds and insects - Make animal footprints out of craft paper and stick them to the floor and walls. Get animal masks and have them peep through the foliage.

You could pick up a few stuffed animals like monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, frogs, turtles, lizards, birds like toucans, parrots, eagles, the blue bird of paradise and insects like beetles, ladybugs and butterflies. Or try your hand at making cute ladybug rocks that you can also give out to your guests later. Easy to make pipe-cleaner monkeys and lovely butterflies can really enliven the entire party area. Also lay out a few candy worms and insects and even some paper mache snakes! Use a flexible metal wire (like a coat hanger) to make the snakes body. Add strips of newspaper onto the wire and layer them together with glue. Apply paper mache paste and round it out. After it dries, paint the snake’s eyes and body.


Water and rain - For that perfect touch, buy a mist maker (or a plant mister available in gardening shops) to put up over a doorway or any place that won’t be ruined by the dampness. A less expensive option would be to get a water nozzle that has a mist setting.

Create a waterfall using blue streamers and metallic paper right from the ceiling. You could use a sheer fabric like gossamer instead. Tape serial lights like Christmas lights on the wall behind the fabric and switch it on to make a truly magical waterfall.

You could make a crocodile lake using scrunched up blue paper and toy crocodiles. Call it the ‘Crocodile café’ and serve your beverages there.

Tips: Since this is a lingerie party after all, have the bigger stuffed toys wearing lingerie or thongs.

Use cloth pins to hang real or paper lingerie onto vines and branches.

Apart from all that, you could decorate surfaces with animal print cloths and faux fur. Or choose tropical prints for more color. If you have luau decorations like leis, find creative ways of fitting them into your theme. For example, you could set up your party area as ruins within a rainforest. Tiki masks or poles would come in handy for that idea.



For your Rainforest Lingerie party, decorate your food or beverage containers like bromeliads (rainforest flowers). Here’s a simple pattern that’s quite easy to make. Try to use recycled tableware to serve your foods. Here are a few recipes you can try-

If you are feeling adventurous try making tamale--a Latin American food.It's a steamed dish with a simple filling served up in banana leaves. Or you could try serving up the following dishes-

Buttery Broccoli Forest - In a large dish, make spinach lasagna. Cook the broccoli according to the instructions given here. Insert the broccoli florets into the lasagna to resemble a forest. Add vines - spaghetti cooked with a drop of green food coloring, between the ‘trees’.

Toads and toadstools - Choose from this mouth-watering selection of mushroom recipes. Serve with plenty of greens.

For dessert think of serving up tropical fruit platters. Use fruits like bananas, grapefruit, guava, mangos, oranges, papaya, passion fruit and pineapple. Serve with ice cream and provide grated coconut and chocolate shavings for toppings. Or try treats like-

Dirt cups - These fantastic dirt cups should remind your guests of the forest floor!

Frog cupcakes - This yummy recipe comes with video instructions! Ribbit!

Butterfly cupcakes - These cupcakes are too cute to eat!

Make your own Banana Treat - Slice peeled bananas into two. Insert a popsicle stick into each half, cover and refrigerate. Before the party, remove the bananas and provide a generous dip of hot melted chocolate.

Tips: You have many mouth-watering cakes you can serve at your party. Create a fantastic rain forest cake that's teeming with life or perhaps it's time for a slippery snake or a goggle eyed crocodile to be the center of attention. Or make a log cake by carving a rectangular chocolate cake and layering it with cadbury flake bars and chocolate shavings. You could even make a delicious looking bird's nest by scooping out the center of a round cake and adding canned chocolate frosting, crumbled cadbury flake bars, chocolate shavings, easter or chocolate eggs and a few mint leaves.



Rainforests abound in spices and cocoa and we all know what that means! Chocolate! Apart from the usual party beverages like soft drinks, whip up these heavenly drinks- (Serve in coconut cups)

Try a Spiced Chocolate Drink or whip up a Montezuma - this is a Mexican style drink inspired by one Emperor Montezuma, an Aztec ruler who ‘drank up to 50 goblets of the stuff every day in order to keep his harem smiling.’ Well! This is a really spicy drink, so beware!


Party Favors

For this party, you could get T-shirts with printed rainforest logos, animals or messages for each of your guests. Brilliant ones like “Save the Rainforest” t-shirts are available at Cafepress.

You could make a party bag with rainforest bath crystals, lotions, scented candles or music CD’s. If your sense of humor calls for something more fun and just a little bit gross, you should invest in a pack of Amber InsectNside Candy.

Another inspired favor is a ‘Tree in a box’. These kits are packaged in attractive boxes and come with a guarantee from the manufacturers. For a cheaper and quirky way to do the same thing, consider this instructable where you’ll find how to stencil a message on toilet paper and put in a seed pack. Check our activities section for more favors that you can make yourself.




It's time for a Slow sloth race, or for all of you to get entwined! Check out these and other exciting game and prize ideas.



Make your Rainforest lingerie party more interesting by adding a few hip twists!


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