Photo Shoot Lingerie Party Twists

Since this is a costume lingerie party, you can play around and come up with any number of twists. You could throw a Superhero masquerade where your guests each have a super powers, a Hollywood Stars party or a Galactic masquerade where you play host to some of the weirdest looking aliens in this part of the galaxy. You could even throw a Sexy Haunted Masquerade with guests attired as sexy beings of the night. You'll just need your Halloween decorations to set the scene. Check out some of our suggestions-

Alphabet Twist - Choose a letter of the alphabet and tell everybody to dress in a costume that begins with that letter. For instance, let’s say that you choose the letter ‘P.’ Guests could come dressed as a potato, the Pink Panther, a Playboy Bunny, a punk rocker, or anything else that they can think of.

If you choose to go with this kind of party, you could also use ‘P’ words for your decorations, food, and props. Decorate with colors like pink, purple, and pumpkin. Serve finger foods like pecans, popcorn, pie, and pineapple. You can even choose props like paint cans, picnic baskets, and ping pong paddles. With this kind of twist, the sky is the limit!

Mask Masquerade - Give your costume party a mysterious edge with enchanting masks.
Send out mask invitations. Here's an easy step by step guide to making a superb mask invitation!

You can make your own masks by getting basic plastic masks in a party shop. With some hot glue and decorative items like velvet, felt, foil, gold trims, feathers, mirrors, glitter, sequins, pom poms, ribbons, beads, tassels, faux stones/gems, metallic origami paper and craft fur, you can make amazing creations to give to your guests or plan a mask making activity. To fit your theme, you could even make lingerie masks using lace and strings! For pure inspiration, take a look at some truly gorgeous masks. You'll find plenty of Venetian and Mardi Gras masks and decorations available at party stores for this theme.

Blast from the past - Plan a 50's or 70's party and ask you guests to come attired in clothing from that time. Play music that was popular then as well as famous foods of that time.

Formal Attire Ball - Instead of wacky costumes, glam up your evening by specifying a formal dress code. In their best attire, (evening gowns and tuxedos), your guests will present a sight that is surely worthy of pictures! Make your party feel elegant with plastic champagne glasses and lovely music. Plan for slow dances like the waltz. You can also hang up pictures from events like award shows or even from your own prom.

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