Photo Shoot Lingerie Party Games


When it comes to any kind of lingerie party, you should always start with an icebreaker game. Here are a few lingerie party game ideas that should really enliven your party!

Lingerie Calendar Girls - Have each guest write his or her name on a piece of paper and stick it in a hat or a bowl. Starting in order from January until December, assign specific months to each name in the hat. Once each guest is excited to have a month, you can add in an additional surprise. Fill a separate hat or bowl with ideas for different kinds of props and have each guest choose a piece of paper. This unexpected twist will make each guest unsure of what he or she will wind up representing. For instance, Miss January could end up dressed as a witch while she holds a teddy bear. Similarly, Miss July could wind up dressed as Santa Clause while she holds a pasta strainer. If there are more than 12 guests, feel free to group them together. If there are less than 12 guests, include single shots and group shots. Once the party is over, develop the pictures and make calendars for each guest who attended the party.

Personal Portraits
- Give each guest a pen and a piece of paper. Then instruct everybody to close their eyes. While their eyes are closed, instruct them on which parts of the body they should try to draw. You could start off by telling them to draw the head, move on to the body, and then instruct them to add a face and hair. It really gets hilarious when you ask them do draw some underwear! By the time everybody finishes their portraits and removes their blindfolds, they will realize that the stick figure drawing in their invitations was not all that bad! To boost morale, you can award a prize for whoever draws a picture that most accurately represents a human being with their underwear on.

Costume Contest - Soon after playing an icebreaker game, have each guest vote on which guests have the best costumes. Each guest should stand up and strut their stuff individually so that the voters can give them an accurate score. Tell guests that they cannot vote for the same person for more than two categories. Also make sure that this contest includes a lot of categories so that everybody can be a winner. You can include prizes for most creative, funniest, most detailed, strangest, most fun, worst idea, most confident, and any other kind of costume category that you can think of. After everybody casts their ballots, announce each winner and award them with the door prizes that they did not actually get at the door.


Face painting - This is an activity that’s sure to excite your guests. Hire a professional or invite a friend who has some experience with this art. Get the appropriate materials and set aside an area for the person to work. If your guests are willing to take the risk, just pair them off and let them try their hand at face painting.

Free for all drama - Your guests may use the puppets, stuffed toys or dolls that you have lying around for this game, apart from interacting with each other. Give your guests a setting- say, Africa in ancient times or Iceland in the ice age and a scene- say, a murder or a wedding. Ask them all to get into the spirit of the costume they're wearing and take part in an impromptu drama. For example, someone dressed up as a waitress can try to interrupt the wedding by badgering people for their order (African snails or thawed ice monkey?) or crapping about her lousy job. Award prizes to the best performance, most hilarious etc.

Fashion show - Towards the end of the party, arrange a fashion show by setting up a ramp for your guests to model on. Split your guests into teams and the event into two or three categories like “Feathered Fantasy”, “String Mania” or “Tortured by Lingerie”. Give your guests 5 minutes after you announce a category to rush to the costume department and add to their costume. Make sure you’ve provided the appropriate things each category requires like feathers, strings and lingerie, respectively. Award prizes for the best or most ridiculous costume in each category.



Prizes for your Masquerade Photo Shoot lingerie party should fit in with the theme. Here are a few suggestions-

Door Prize - Give each guest a small, empty picture frame. These do not cost much at all, and you should be able to find them for approximately $1.00 each.

Game Prizes - There are quite a few wacky things that you could give away as prizes for this party. Things like decorative photo frames in different forms like paperweight, snow globe or notebook frames, toy cameras, film rolls, sets of false eyelashes or teeth, fake nails, body art jewel stickers, small face painting kits or make-up kits, clip-on hair extensions in exotic colors, scarves or even garters!

Big Prize - You could put together a traditional goodie basket with a few of the things suggested in our game prizes section to make a wonderful grand prize. If you’d like to stick to one good gift, you might consider a set of disposable color contact lens. These come in sets of a half a dozen or more in lovely colors and patterns. They’re not too expensive and would really make the day for the big winner!



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