Photo Shoot Lingerie Party

If all the world’s a stage, we should all dress up more.

Or at least when somebody throws a fantastic costume Photo Shoot Lingerie party!

If the idea appeals to you, and we think it will, you’re looking at one of those parties where you'll make the kind of memories that literally last forever.

This is an opportunity for you and your guests to see each other like never before and to freeze each fun moment.

There will be no shortage of those with exciting games and activities, lovely food prizes and let’s not forget- lingerie! And to add touch of mystery, all you need to do is to make this party a Mask Masquerade.

It’s all up to you. So let's get started!




To make invitations for your Costume Photo Shoot lingerie party, buy a set of blank photo frame cards. Get creative with the outside portion, where you would normally place a picture. You could draw a funny stick figure that looks similar to something that a child would draw. Underneath the frame portion of the card, simply write,

 “This could be you.”

On the inside of the card, write something cute like,

"As you may have noticed, your personalized portrait cannot do you justice. Unfortunately, it has been so long since we took pictures together that I had to make do with what I have!

You are cordially invited to attend my fantastic Masquerade Photo Shoot lingerie party at (address) on (date and time).

Please come in your strangest attire and remember - a camera may add five pounds, but a pumpkin costume will round it all out!"

If you plan on making this a mysterious ‘mask masquerade’, be sure to inform your guests to come with their masks.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________


Printable Invitations & More!

Masquerade Photoshoot Printables

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Since this is a Masquerade, your lingerie party decorations can really take on any form.

For starters, you should decorate the party area with multi-colored balloons, streamers, and confetti. Create a makeshift costume department and provide elements for your guests to glam up their costumes. Make up, accessories like costume pearls, inexpensive wigs, hair additions and false eyelashes, face paint and brushes, masks, boas, colorful feathers and a few tubes of glue and scissors would come in handy.

Decorate all of the tables by lining the edges under the tablecloth with thin pieces of plywood or any tubing and tape into place. Cover with the tablecloth and fill it with inexpensive plastic and metallic beads of all colors. Clear away little spaces when you place your dishes. Throw in a few photo negatives too, just for fun.

You can also decorate your walls with pictures or posters of calendar girls or celebrities in Halloween costumes. If these things are hard for you to find, you could even hang up ordinary posters and tape costumes onto them out of craft paper.

Make a unique chandelier out of fun and funky elements. Make small masks and lingerie out of transparent paper. String them together along with colorful beads, costume pearls, feathers and small streamers and arrange the whole thing around a light bulb.

Dress up dolls or stuffed animals with their own costumes or lingerie and add them you your guest list. If you could get puppets, they would be wonderful decorative items as well as props.

When it comes time for the actual photo shoot, you will want to make sure that you have a lot of props available. Many of these props can be random items from your home. Fill a box with lingerie, stuffed animals, cooking utensils, statues, liquor bottles or anything else that strikes you as particularly amusing.

To add a bit of spice to the party, make sure that you add a strange or risqué item here or there. For instance, you can include a feather boa, a naughty g-string, or a pair of furry handcuffs in the prop box. Similarly, feel free to frame a naughty nightie and slip it in between some of the more innocent pictures on the wall.

Try to include a broad mix of decorations so that each guest will be able to find something to match his or her costume during the casual parts of the photo shoot. You could even rent a few theatre props and make your own gorgeous backdrop for portrait shots.


For your Masquerade Photo Shoot lingerie party, get into the spirit of things by dressing up your food in costumes too! Have guests wrongly guessing at what they're looking at with these ideas-

Mystery Parfaits - Use dark colored cups so that guests cannot see inside. Fill each cup with layers of sweet foods, but don’t tell anyone what you included. If anybody asks, just tell them that your food is in costume, too. Generally, it is easiest to fill these cups with a layer of crumbled cookies, followed by a layer of pudding, followed by a layer of crumbled candy pieces. Keep adding layers until the cups are full, and then add a full cookie or cherry on top to make them look pretty.

Pizza Look-alike - Cook lasagna in a flat round bowl. Turn it over and decorate it with grated cheese and veggie toppings. Cut into slices just as you would with a pizza. You could even do this with pie. Just decorate it with a layer of whipped cream colored yellow (food coloring) and add fruit toppings.

Masquerade English Muffins - This is an easy twist on classic English muffin pizzas. Place some English muffins on a pan and cover them with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Instead of randomly placing toppings on top of the mini pizzas, make creative faces. You can use onions or peppers to make a mouth, pepperoni for a nose, sausage for little eyes, and a bit of oregano for a sprinkle of hair or freckles. Just bake your pizzas in the oven until the cheese is melted and your Masquerade English Muffins will be ready to serve!

Tip: This party is a great reason for you to try you hand at food carving. Make entire miniature costumes or simple elements like wigs, masks and lingerie out of fruits, veggies or even meat! Also use molds to make things like chocolate shoes or masks. Here's a page that's sure to provide some excellent inspiration!

Meaty Snake - Get meats roll and cook them well. Arrange the rolls close together on a plate, in a coiled fashion if you have many or just one winding line. Pour a sauce, if you’ve made one, onto the roll. Cut out thin strips of yellow and green peppers and arrange them alternatively on the meat roll close together to look like the markings of a snake. Add black olive slices for the eyes.



For all parties, you should keep an ample supply of soda, juice, and alcohol if that is appropriate. Since your goal for this particular kind of party is to have some glamorous fun, you should serve all beverages in plastic champagne glasses.

Place all of the champagne glasses on the food table and arrange them in a pyramid. (This is a good reason why plastic is the better way to go!) As guests reach for their elegantly displayed glasses, they will not be able to help but feel like they are the belles of the ball!


Party Favors

The final thing that you might want to include for your Masquerade Photo Shoot lingerie party is a party favor. You could buy elegant hand fans, the ones with beautiful art work on them, in bulk and hand one to each of your guests.

You could get goodie bags and add little Wooly Willy games to remind everybody of the portrait game, a deflated balloon with a stick figure drawn on it to remind everyone of the invitations, a bit of the confetti that you spread around the house, and Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pops to remind everybody of the surprise parfaits that you served.




It's time to strike a pose with games like Lingerie Calendar girls and Personal portraits! Check out these and other exciting game, activity, and prize ideas.


Make your wild Masquerade lingerie party more interesting by adding a few twists!


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