Mystical Night Lingerie Party Twists

If you want to add a further twist to the Mystical Night lingerie party theme, here are a few suggestions for you to try-

Hell's Gypsies - Ask your guests to come dressed as gypsies from hell! Make your decorations and decor devilish by using bright reds and oranges as much as possible. Hand out prizes for the most frightening or original or gypsy devils!

Hot gypsy bikers - Your guests can get as wild and racy as they want when they come dressed in their most radical gypsy biker outfits and Harley Davidson's.

25th Century Mystics - What better way to predict the future than to come dressed as a person from it? Ask your guests to use their imaginations as to what mystics and gypsies might look and dress like in the 25th century! Incorporate futuristic elements into your party for a true time altering experience!

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