Mystical Night Lingerie Party Games

When it comes to any kind of lingerie party, you should always start with an icebreaker game. Here are some lingerie party game ideas that'll give your party a mystical feel!

Reverse writing - Split your guests into teams of two. Hand one person of each team a small mirror and a paper and pen. Ask the people with the mirrors to take a seat and their partners to wait at the other end of the room. Hand each sitting guest a message that they have to write down on paper and take to their partner. Only they have to write the message so that it makes sense in the mirror but not on paper- upside down and reverse it! Keep the message short, preferably an instruction like “Tell (your name) that this party is really great.” After the team member has finished writing the message (after much grunting and groaning), she has to run over and hand it and the mirror to her partner and run back. The person who has received the message must read it and carry out the instruction. You’ll take great pleasure in handing over the prize to the first team who comes over and tells you how great your party is! Just make sure you provide ample paper!


Magical Fortunes - When each guest arrives at your party, ask them to write down a silly or dirty prediction on a piece of paper. Collect the slips of paper and don’t mention them again. Later in the night, place each slip of paper in a fish bowl or in any other kind of glass bowl that resembles a crystal ball. Have the salesperson sit at a table draped in a velvet or satin tablecloth, and inform your guests that she is a psychic. One by one, have each guest take a seat at the table with the salesperson. Each guest will reach into the bowl and pull out one of the slips of paper that the guests filled out earlier in the night. Your guests will have a wonderful time as they read their fortunes, and they will be able to keep the slips of paper as souvenirs.


Crystal Ball-oons - This game will take a bit of preparation before the party begins, but it will be well worth it once the fun starts! Before your guests arrive, take a bag of brightly colored balloons and use a magic marker to write a funny or dirty fortune on each deflated balloon. Then stuff each deflated balloon with a bit of sparkly confetti. When the game starts, tell each guest to pick a balloon. Instruct them to blow up their balloons as quickly as they can. The first person to blow up the balloon until it pops wins a prize. As each guest hurries to blow up their balloons, they will be distracted by all of the sayings that they see inflating around them. This will undoubtedly cause some laughter, some balloon deflating, and an all around good time.

Blind Luck - Blindfold your guests and tell them that they are going to try to find their own mystical sources of energy. Tell them that the key to finding their energy sources is to feel as comfortable as possible. Have the salesperson give a series of orders that will ultimately allow each guest to remove their blindfolds. For instance, the salesperson could instruct the guests to take off a piece of clothing that makes them feel mystically restricted. Then the salesperson could tell everybody to remove a piece of clothing that they don’t really need. The third command could be to tell each guest to take off a piece of clothing that they wish they didn’t have to wear. In any of these cases, your guests could take off their blindfolds. The first person to remove the blindfold will win a prize. However, don’t let the game end at that stage. Have the salesperson instruct the winner to be quiet and let the game progress until the last person’s blindfold comes off. By the end of the game, you will be amazed to see how many random pieces of clothing like bras, shoes, socks, and overcoats end up on the floor!

Levitating Bra - Organize your group into as many teams as you want depending upon the group size. Three to four members per team is an ideal number. Prepare the levitating bras beforehand by drawing some bra shapes on balloons. Have each team sit in a row. Their task is to levitate the bra in the air by using their hands but not moving forward or backward. The winning team is the one that keeps their bra in the air the longest after all others have hit the ground.

Runic treasure hunt - This is in every way a classic treasure hunt, except one. The clues are written in runes!
Make clues in runic script and provide your guests with a translation key to translate it back to English and solve the clue. You could come up with your own rune symbols for every letter in the English alphabet.

If you’d like something readymade but a bit more complex, this is an excellent rune translator along with the translation key.
For an example of a clue-
If you’ve hid something in the freezer, you could say-

‘The clue you seek lies in the cold north.
Not many would brave this white lands wrath.’



Professional Fortunes - If you have the funds to do so or you have friends in mystical places, you may want to consider hiring a professional palmist, aura reader, or tarot card reader to add a really authentic feel to your Mystical Night. If that proves to be too costly, you could also use oracle guidance cards.

The great thing about these cards is that you don’t need a professional to interpret them. All that you need is the booklet. Furthermore, guidance cards only give out good messages. All you need to do is to think of a question and pick out a few of the cards. And since this is a lingerie party, there’s nothing wrong with asking a naughty question every now and then!

Reiki Sessions - If you have a friend who is a Reiki master or can find someone who is willing to give you a discount for multiple clients you can consider calling in a Reiki Master for your party. A healing session of Reiki will leave everyone feeling like a new person.

Ouija Board - If you are comfortable with the idea, get an Ouija Board and have some fun with it. Remember to keep things light-hearted throughout.


Another wonderful thing about Mystical Night lingerie parties is that nobody knows what to expect. You can give out virtually any kind of prize without compromising the nature of your party.

Here are some things that you could consider giving away:

Door Prize - When you go shopping for your party, buy a variety of brightly colored scarves in bulk. As each guest enters the party, give out a scarf. This door prize will work out wonderfully with your theme, and it has the added advantage of being used as a blindfold for the Blind Luck game.

Game Prizes - There are quite a few things that are reminiscent of the mystical- bottles of dried herbs, natural essences, aromatherapy oils, songs of nature, meditation music, any healing products you might find, candles, incense holders, incense packets, sun catchers or dream catchers.

Big Prize - Since the main focus of a Mystical Night lingerie party is all things mystical, you could fill a box with a variety of mystical items. Put together a few things suggested in the Game Prizes section and just for good measure, include a g-string or naughty nightie! Or give your guests their very own Apothecary set! Get a few interesting looking bottles and make your very own labels with mystical elements that you can paste on to the bottle. Fill the bottles with either colored drinks or perfumes and name them appropriately. For instance you could name a bottle as 'Sweetness of life' or if you are using perfume 'Scent of Wealth' Get creative and surprise your guests with a truly unique prize!



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