Mystical Night Lingerie Party

Good fortune, great friends and pretty lingerie!

That’s what the Mystical Night Lingerie Party is all about.

This is a chance to experience the occult, to indulge in superstition, to peer into the hazy unknown, all in the spirit of fun and joy.

Introduce your guests to a fun-filled magical evening that will delight their soul and awaken them to the delicious possibilities that lie ahead!

Step in…to the mystic zone!

Do You Want To Throw the Best Lingerie Party Ever?



Try to get invitations that feature crystal balls, magic lamps, or other mystical elements for your Mystical Night lingerie party at a local party store. Or get creative and make your make your own crystal ball invitations using old CD’s. Here's an idea that you might like-

Make a magical lingerie amulet invitation. All you will need for this is some blank invitation cards, aluminium foil, glitter glue pens, and magic markers.

Cut out a circular piece of aluminium foil and glue it onto the front of your invitation. With your glitter glue pens, draw some arcane looking symbols onto the foil so that it looks like a magical amulet. For example, you could draw a five pointed star within a circle and scatter the words of the invitation between the mystical looking symbols. Just for fun, you could make some of the symbols look like pieces of lingerie!

On the inside of the invitation, you can use your magic markers to write something like:

In your future, I foresee fun. I foresee laughter. I foresee friends. I foresee lingerie.

To make a long story short, I foresee you coming to my Mystical Lingerie Party on (Date) at (time)!

My magical powers are usually right, but please RSVP at (phone number) to make sure that I foresaw correctly.

Have a magical day and I hope to see you there!

This kind of invitation will be fun and easy to make, and it will certainly inspire a lot of curiosity amongst your invited guests. Since the best way to ensure a fun party is to ensure that you have a lot of guests, the effort it takes to make these invitations should certainly pay off!


Printable Invitations & More!

Mystical Party Printables

Here's a complete page with our very own Mystical party based printable designs you can download and print for free:


    * Printable Invitations
    * Blank Invitations for Lingerie showers or Thank You cards

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There are a lot of little things you can do to create a fantastic big picture. The trick is to keep things fun whilst managing to capture the spiritual feel this party inspires. Try out our the following lingerie party decoration ideas.

Put up a couple of lanterns or garden lights along with a sign by the front door that says something like-
"We strike a spark
Against the Dark
Between the Shadows and the Stars
That we may see the Way."
(These lines form the beginning of a ritual in the Draconian Path, a mystical following)

Inside, plan for a dark backdrop- with black, dark blue or maroon fabrics for the tablecloths and walls. You could pin fabrics onto the walls or hang them on clothes lines that run around the room. It would really set the perfect background for the accents this party requires.

Balance the dark colors with shining and shimmering accents. You’ll need to put up symbols on the walls and hang them from the ceiling. Make symbols out of construction paper and cardboard and use silver foil to glam them up.

Important mystic symbols include-
Circles, triangles, the cross, squares, infinity (looks like the number eight laid on its side) and the pentagram (a five-pointed star within a circle).

  • Apart from symbols, you might add silver swirls, stars, a moon, and silver star-shaped confetti.
  • Leave crystals and prisms lying around to catch the light. Sun catchers and dream catchers would make lovely accents in the right places.
  • Make a poster of all the zodiac signs and their symbols. Or make small individual posters for each sign and put them up on the walls at random.
  • Print out a picture of ancient runes like these.
  • Don’t forget, this is a Lingerie party and would be incomplete without a few pieces ‘accidentally’ on display.

Make alcoves to spice up the theme. All you need to do is section off nooks using either bead curtains or sheer, shimmering fabrics. A fabric like gossamer would be lovely and if you like throwing parties; this is one investment you won’t regret. To make a circular alcove, pin or tie the curtains around a circular shower curtain ring, a hula hoop or any hoop shaped object you have and hang it from the ceiling.

If you’d like to keep it simple, simply suggest alcoves by putting curtains on the wall on either side and place your furniture in the right places. Remember to put up signs naming them. Suggestions for alcoves include-
Makeup - A cozy place for your guests to freshen up. Hang a mirror and place a few tubes of roll on glitter and stick on tattoos. (Mirrors are also a decorative element for this theme)
Apothecary - This is where you’ll serve tea. Arrange your tea cups on a table. Display fresh herbs or small bottles of dried herbs. If you have a mortar and pestle, put in a few crushed tea leaves.
Fortune telling - If you plan to hire a palmist or fortune teller, this is where she will take up residence. If not, decorate a table with a crystal ball (make one with a glass garden globe, glove light cover or snow globe), fortune cookies and a book about this years horoscope or a general one on fortunes.
Prize Shrine - Create a shrine by covering boxes or even a pile of clothes with fabric or color tissue paper. Arrange the game prizes and party favor bags on it. Sprinkle confetti generously. Properly decorated, this is one shrine that might just bring your guests to their knees!
Lingerie Sale - If you’re planning on hosting a Lingerie sale, provide ample space for your guests to gather around.

Finishing touches - The 'Tree of Life, according to the mystics of almost every religion, is a symbol of immortality and connectivity. You could make one with silver foiled twigs in a Styrofoam ball and pot, decorated with crystal beads and a few of the other elements you’ve used in the room, including lingerie!

Use exotic scented candles and incense to create a subtle aromatic backdrop for your party. Finally, have some soothing unusual music playing in the background like Celtic melodies or meditation chants or even nature songs. If you’d like to get authentic mystical elements check out this link.


You can have a lot of fun naming ordinary finger foods for your Mystical Night party. For instance, you could put a sign in front of a bowl of olives that says ‘Eyes of Newt.’ You could label a fruit platter as ‘Fruits of the gods.’ You could label a bowl of pretzels as ‘Contorted Wrath of Woman.’ Shoot for the most bizarre or interesting names you can think of.

For more sophisticated ‘celestial’ fare, you might like to try our recipes for Herb sup Rice and Ritual cake

Tips If you would like to serve a cake at your party make a Cakehenge! It's very simple and easy to make. If you have more time then go in for a Crop circle cake Or serve up the Bermuda Triangle by cutting up pieces of chocolate cake.

Gypsy Stew - Traditionally, gypsies ate whatever they could come across. They frequently boiled soup over a campfire and added all the ingredients they could find in the particular area in which they resided at that moment. Since there is no predefined kind of gypsy stew, you can essentially make any kind of soup that you want. Whether you make chicken noodle soup, vegetable soup, or tomato soup, you can still label it as gypsy stew. Give your soup a more authentic look by adding extra herbs and vegetables. Make sure to label the dish as 'From the Fields Gypsy Stew!'

Jell-O Crystal Ball - Everybody loves Jell-O and that will be especially true when you mold it into the perfect dish for your Mystical Night party! Cut up some fruit into cosmic shapes like stars and moons with standard cookie cutters. You can use small round fruits like blueberries for Suns. Then it will be time for you to make your Jell-O mold. You could technically use any flavor of Jell-O, but you should try to pick out a flavor with a light color like lemon. This way, your guests will be able to see the fruit inside. Use a large, round bowl to mix your Jell-O and fruit together. Prepare the Jell-O according to the directions on the box and let it set in the refrigerator. Once your mold is nice and firm - or at least as firm as Jell-O can get - carefully dump it onto a platter. Voila! Your Jell-O crystal ball will be ready to serve!



Whenever you throw a party, you should make sure to serve a variety of beverages to suit every guest’s needs. The great thing about a Mystical Night lingerie party is that you can make every drink look like a whole lot of fun!

Instead of serving drinks out of cans or plastic bottles, try to use glass jars or interesting odd shaped bottles for every beverage. Pick a variety of drinks with different colors and label each drink with a fun label like you did with the food. For instance, you can pour a bottle of Coke into a glass jar and label it as ‘Irresistible Love Potion.’ Serve some red alcoholic punch (if alcohol is appropriate for your guests) in a bottle marked ‘Indescribable Bliss Potion.’ You can serve fruit juice in a bottle labeled as ‘Good Luck Potion' or wine in a bottle marked as ‘Vibrant Health Potion.’

Here's a simple recipe for a Soul Refresher - A delicious drink you guests will love!
Mix equal parts of cranberry juice, lemonade and vodka or club soda. Add ice and serve

Just make sure to give every drink that you want to serve a magical memorable name!

Party Favors

The final thing that you might want to include for your party is a party favor. These favors should not cost you too much money; in fact, the cheaper they are the more fun they will probably be!

Give each guest a small, decorative plate filled with marbles (miniature crystal balls) with a scented candle in the center of the dish. Predictions for the current year for each guests Zodiac sign printed out on cards would also be appreciated.

A memorable and inexpensive party favor idea is to give your guests their magical fortunes. Make little fortunes out of glitzy paper and write down fun, frivolous or happy sayings on each side. parchments with their names written down in runic symbols. To get the look of parchment, soak ordinary paper in tea water for about ten minutes and allow it to dry. You can get the names of each of your guests in runes at this site.
Party Favour



It's time to get wild with Levitating bra's, reverse writing and Crystal balloons! Check out these and other exciting game, activity and prize ideas.


Make your Mystical lingerie party more interesting by adding a few twists!


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