Mermaid Lingerie Party Twists

Transport your Mermaid Lingerie party into another dimension by trying out a couple of fun twists--

Furmaids - Ask all your guests to come dressed as Furmaids instead! You could incorporate winter elements from the Winter wonderland party theme and give your guests the feeling of attending a Mer-party in the Arctic or in the thick of winter. Have fun!

Mergoths - Throw in some gothic elements and to have a Mergoth party! Ask your dressed to come dressed up as their wildest Gothic fantasies for an unforgettable bash!

Undersea Monsters - Make this a party to remember by requesting your guests to come as their favorite or imaginary undersea monster.

The Little mermaid - If you’d like to focus on the movie “The Little Mermaid”, make sure you have the video and the songs playing in the background. Arrange a karaoke event and decorate with elements from the movie.

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