Mermaid Lingerie Party Games

Get ready to enchant your guests with some lingerie party games that will have them begging for more! Here are a few games that will fit right in with a mermaid lingerie party theme-

Unfreeze the Lingerie - This is a game that’s been mentioned in our ice-breaker section but it fits in so well with our theme that I thought it deserved to be here. Gather lingerie that’s a few sizes bigger than average. Have one piece of lingerie earmarked for each guest to ensure no one is left out and make sure that each piece can be worn over clothing.

Put each item of lingerie into a ziplon bag, fill half of the bags with water and stack them in the freezer so that the lingerie is frozen inside a layer of water. This must be done the previous night.

Remove the bags at least 5 minutes before the game starts so that you can separate the individual bags. Split the guests into teams of two. Each team is given one bag. When the clock starts, the teams have to open the bags and somehow get the lingerie out of the ice. They can do this anyway they please, i.e. by breaking it, running it under water or borrowing you hair-dryer! The teams that complete the task within a minute win or the one that is the fastest gets a grand prize!

Poppa Poseidon - One of your guests gets to be Poseidon, the God of the sea! Now Poppa Poseidon is angry with the mermaids for having deserted their posts and wants them back. But it’s not that easy!

Chalk two lines at opposite ends of a room or open area. Position a glowering Poseidon at one end and the rebellious mermaids at the other. When Poseidon shouts “Come on home” the mermaids make a mad dash towards him. Or rather, towards the other line. Only those mermaids Poseidon touches at his end have to go home. They link their arms at the elbows with Poseidon to form a chain and the rest of the free mermaids go back to their end awaiting Poseidon’s next call. It’s harder this time because their captive comrades are helping Poppa Poseidon capture them! The last free mermaid is the big winner!

Mermaid power - Tie up each persons legs together and split them into teams. The point of the game is to pop as many balloons as possible, with your butt! Yes, I said butt. The balloons have to be popped by sitting on them! This is hilarious even without tied legs, but for the true mermaid, that should pose no problem. Make sure the ground is well carpeted and throw on a few rugs so your guests don’t get hurt.

Hula hoop race - Imagine being caught in a bubble as you race towards the finish line. That’s exactly what your guests will feel like as they hula hoop their way to the finish line. Ask them to keep these hips moving and to avoid those pesky mines- place crumpled black paper wrapped around a stone in random spots. They have to take care not to step on the little sea creatures in their path- You can paste pictures of starfish, fish and octopus onto cardboard pieces and cut along the edges, or buy stuffed toys from a party shop. Those who let the hula drop, or step on something have to run back and start all over again.

In the pool - For games in the pool, choose simple yet fun ideas like a mermaid race, a sunken treasure hunt or even pool volleyball!


In fitting with the theme of the party, include small hand mirrors and pretty combs and fake pearl bracelets as prizes -essential mermaid accessories, those

There are many pretty things with sea shells in them that would make great gifts. Search for candles, paper weights, ornaments and potpourri that fit in with the theme. Useful and fun accessories like blue lip gloss or sea-shell spoons will make sure that your guests don’t forget this bash in a hurry!

Little things like bath salts, bath oils, and colorful beauty sponges are good for the simpler games. For a grand prize consider giving away a small sunken treasure chest. You could fill the chest with shells , chocolate coins, bits of driftwood, seaweed, a little g-string and arrange them around your main prize. This could be anything from a gift certificate to a spa to a sea-themed lotion and soap set. Get creative!



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