Mermaid Lingerie Party

Refresh the souls of all the myriad land-locked sexy sirens and hot mermen out there by throwing them an enticing Mermaid Lingerie party that will leave them truly wishing that they were tail-finned citizens of the sea!

It's an enchanting little known world down there under the sea and a mermaid lingerie party is just the right avenue for everyone to capture a bit of the joy the dolphins always seem to feel and immerse themselves in a little of the mystery and delights of the ocean.

It's no secret that water always leaves a person feeling rejuvenated and made anew. In many ways this is an excellent party to throw when you want to invigorate someone's spirits or recharge your own batteries.

So go ahead, put on your tail fins and seaweed crowns and get ready to bring the ocean spray home!


Do You Want To Throw the Best Lingerie Party Ever?



Since this is an ocean based theme, get blank blue cards and decorate them with pictures of starfish, shells, sea weed, bubbles, and of course lingerie. You could draw these elements yourself or find pictures of them and make copies to paste onto the cards.
Message in a bottle’ invitations are popular too and easily available

Grab your guests’ attention with a bold call that rode the waves to get to them.  Something like-

Heed this alluring call, arising from the depths of the sea!
Mermaids streak through crystal waves,
For none can resist the lure of Lingerie!

On the inside you could say-

You have been summoned to the land of the mortals (or my Mermaid lingerie party) for a remarkable period of fun, food and precious lingerie.

Find your way to ­­­­
(date and time)

P.S. Do not forget to transform those gorgeous tail fins into what the land dwellers call ‘legs’.

If you plan to include activities that involve getting wet, it would be wise to ask your guests to bring along a change of clothing.



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If you’re planning a poolside party, nothing could be simpler. Make sure you have a few brightly colored tablecloths, preferably in blues and greens, add a few ocean elements like shells and conches, place plants around the area and you’re done with your lingerie party decorations. You could also get creative and borrow a sandbox for the occasion. You could use it as just another place to hide goodies for your guests to find or come up with a game centered on it. Make sure you have handy goggles for underwater games.

If it’s an indoor party, don’t worry. There are many ways to bring the ocean into your home, figuratively speaking of course!

You could add a touch of whimsy by placing an ‘ocean of wishes’ at the entryway. Just fill a large bowl with water and sand. If you have a fountain or a small sculpture that would be appropriate place it in the center. If you don’t, just throw in a few shells. Put up a sign above it welcoming guests to throw in a coin and make a wish and the spirits of the ocean would get right to work on it.

Welcome guests with a tray of necklaces and bracelets made from blue, green, turquoise beads and shells, since mermaids love collecting trinkets. Strings of faux pearls, small hair accessories, flowers that can be tucked behind the ear- these would look great on the tray as well. You could even make fish crowns out of sponges for your guests.

Shell bras are available in many stores. With a little work, you could even make some of your own! They would look great on guests or up on the wall. To complete the costume, hand out wrap-arounds to provide that all important tail effect. Or you could ask guests to come dressed in them.

Decorate the walls with green and blue balloons and lots of green streamers. White balloons go on the floor to imitate foam. Put up fishnet curtains at the doorways. Stuff fishnet stockings, tie shell chains around the waists and put them up on the wall. Add some gold into your color scheme to liven things up. It could be as simple as painting shells with gold paint or even nail polish! If you’d like a treasure chest, get an ordinary cardboard box, make it a solid color with construction paper or paint, and fill it up with shells, beads and the prizes you intend to give away for the games.

Decorate the walls with elements of the ocean like pictures of shells, corals, starfish, sea horses and fishes. You could draw some sexy lingerie onto the last three! Drape furniture loosely with cloth in shades of blue to look like waves. Colorful beach towels would work as lovely accents. To add that special touch, get a bubble machine and let it fill the room with bubbles!

Since music is so important to mermaids, have some soft ocean music in the background.

Put all the elements into place, take a deep breath and plunge right in!



Serving finger foods at a lingerie party is a general rule of thumb (forgive the pun!). Try to get those giant seashell bowls or blue bowls for serving. Decorate platters with powdered sugar to resemble sand and chocolate cold coins for sunken treasure.

Fresh fruits are a real delicacy anytime of the year. Place a big bowl of Blue jello and another of vanilla ice cream next to them and let your guest put together a floating salad!

Place a bowlful of edible pearls (silver or gold), the kind used to decorate cakes and put in a shell spoon (just attach a handle to a wide shell). You could label it ‘Edible Treasure’! Label all your foods with interesting names like Seaweed sandwich, Coral Crunches and Moss Toss Salad. Or you could serve up some delicious seaweed soup For more seaweed recipes take a look at this great site. You could also whip up an easy seafood wild rice or serve some scrumptious crab legs with toast.

Serve fish fingers and toasted bread with interesting dips. Try making a spicy sea-cucumber dip or a few tasty sea-scones



Make a cool looking Blue punch. In a large bowl, mix together lime juice, pineapple juice and add a few drops of blue food-color. Or just mix blue Hawaiian punch with 7-Up or Sprite. As the guests arrive, add scoops of vanilla ice cream to the punch and allow them to float.

You could also whip up some colorful 'Ocean Spray’ drinks- Serve drinks in shades of blue like blue Gatorade with a dash of vodka or delicious Blue-berry smoothies. For more exotic drinks in cool blues and classy greens, check out this wonderful site.

Get creative with your ice cubes. Add red food coloring to water and pour into star shaped ice cube trays to look like starfish. You can make blue bubbles too!

Party Favors

If you’d like to include party favors, make sure that your guests get to take a bit of the ocean back with them. Get those great shell-shaped or dolphin shaped soaps or those little bottles of ocean inspired shampoos/hand lotions. If you don’t get small bottles of shampoo or lotion, just buy a big one. Get a few miniature corked bottles, fill them up, tie a ribbon around the neck with a hand written label and you’re done!

You might want to fill little goodie bags with little things like cocktail umbrellas, sea glass pebbles, aqua life candles and sea shells. If you don’t have any plans for the edible pearls and chocolate coins that were used to decorate the table, mix them up, scoop them into little plastic bags and tie them off with a pretty ribbon. Or just fill the bags with them instead of shells- as practical a party favor as they come.

Beach calendars, marine life based charms or key chains also make good favors. You could put little items into a small transparent bag filled with sand and give your guests little beach bags to take home! Or you could wrap all these inside a big shell for a mermaid treasure dish effect. Another idea is to give them a mermaid in a bottle. Fill a transparent jar with some sand and throw in a few starfish, shells, twigs and bits of coral. Put in a small mermaid figurine along with a little thank you sign for attending your mermaid party to create an unusual favor.

You could also introduce your guests to unusual flavors to experiment with by giving away packets of edible (and healthy!) dried sea weed along with an appropriate recipe.



Get ready to match wits with Pappa Poseidon and check out your Mermaid power factor! Take a look at these and other exciting game, activity and prize ideas.



Try a few unexpected twists to make your Mermaid lingerie party more unforgettable.


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