Hawaiian Luau Lingerie Party Twists

Want to tailor your Hawaiian Luau lingerie party to better suit your needs? Here are a couple of twists for you to incorporate-

Neanderthal Luau - Throw in a few pre-historic elements into your luau party and transport your guests into the stone age! Since no one is exactly sure how much the neanderthals wore, this is one twist that will work well with your Hawaiian party theme. Ask your guests to dress up (or dress down) as their favorite primitives for a rocking pre-historic luau!

Hawaiian Luau Lingerie Photo Shoot - Pretend that you and your guests are in Hawaii for a photo shoot. Ask your guests to come dressed as really hip Hawaiian fashion models. Make sure you have a makeshift ramp for your guests to catwalk on and some basic makeup. Provide scenic backgrounds using posters or with your creative decorations. Prop up a surfboard (or disguised ironing board) and have you guests pose their best surfing positions. Point table or floor fans towards your guests as they pose for that all important wind effect. Encourage your guests to be glamorous or funny in different shots. Have plenty of film on hand (you can ask your guests to contribute). Take instant pictures for fun and get a couple of shots to make a calendar or frame for lasting memories. Check out our Masquerade Photo Shoot Lingerie party theme for adaptable ideas.

The great thing about this twist is that you don't have to change anything from the Luau theme; you're only adding more fun to it. It's really the best of both worlds!

Beach Party Luau - If the weather is right and you can secure yourself a large area at your local beach, you may want to hold your party there instead of at your home. Just keep in mind that if you do this, you’ll have to transport all of your necessary goods and clean up after yourself when the party is over. Also be warned that other beachgoers may be interested in joining your party. If that happens, you’re bound to make some new friends and increase your sales at the same time. Now that’s really a win-win situation!

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