Hawaiian Luau Lingerie Party

E Komo Mai!
Welcome to Hawaii! This tropical paradise is the perfect setting for any party and if you can't make it there, well, let Hawaii come to you!

Your Hawaiian Luau Lingerie party is a celebration of the happy carefree life that the islands inspire.

With a little decorative work and some imagination, you and your guests will be all set to indulge in a bit of steamy fun.

Hula to your hearts content as you taste tropical flavors and play games inspired by the land of palm trees and grass skirts!

Go forth and HULA!




Since you’re virtually bringing your guests to a Hawaiian paradise, there’s no better time to tell them that than when you send out your invitations! For your invitations, you’ll need some blank, rectangular shaped invitation cards. Make them look like real airline tickets by cutting out transparent paper in the same size and pasting it along one smaller edge. Draw the outline of a plane in one corner of the transparent paper with a sketch pen and write '"Your name " Airlines' underneath it. On the outside of the card, lure your guests in by writing the following sentences in really big letters:

Today’s your lucky day! You’ve won an all-expense paid Hawaiian getaway!

For the inside of the card, your goal is to make your invitation look like a plane ticket. Make sure to include all of the relevant information that your guests will need for their flights. In plane ticket style, your invitation should include information such as:

Ticket to my Hawaiian Luau Lingerie Party!

Seat number:
Date of arrival:
Time of arrival:

After you’ve included all of this information, include a note at the bottom of the invitation that states something like:

Be sure to bring your tickets when you arrive at the party because you will need them to board and enter in the super special prize drawing. Thank you for traveling with (your name) Airlines!

You could also make surfboard invitations out of craft foam or cardboard and wrap them up with floral print paper. Cut out a smaller oval shaped bit of plain paper and paste it on to write the content. Similarly, Tiki mask invites are easy to make too. Just make a wide mouth and use this region to write the content.

You could make cards in the shape of pineapples or a bird (attach faux pink feathers for the tail). 'Message in a bottle' invitations with a little sand, dried seaweed and shells would be apt too. Or you could get Hawaiian postcards and use them to invite your guests.

Finally, surprise your guests by including their Hawaiian names in their invitations. (The site doesn’t have equivalents for all possible names though.)


Printable Invitations & More!

Luau Printables

Here's a complete page with our very own Hawaiian Luau based printable designs you can download and print for free:


   * Printable Invitations
    * Blank Invitations for Lingerie showers or Thank You cards

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Since Hawaiian luaus are a popular theme for parties, most party stores should have themed decorative paper plates, plastic or coconut cups, straws and colorful platters. You'd also find leis, tiki god masks, torches and columns, grass skirts and raffia table skirts, coconut bikinis, inflatable palm trees, plastic flowers and tropical backgrounds. If you prefer a more do-it-yourself approach, there are a few things that you can make on your own-

Lei - Make leis using silk or plastic flowers.
Flowers - Large flowers out of tissue paper, leaves, swirls
Skirts - Use store bought raffia or strips of green/brown tissue paper to grass skirts and table skirts.
Tablecloth and napkins - To decorate your tablecloth and napkins with real floral and leaf patterns, check out this interesting craft idea.
Cutout shapes using craft foam, paints and other handy materials. You can make tiki masks, sunglasses, surfboards, large palm trees, pineapples and other tropical fruits, bamboo columns, pink flamingos, lingerie and g-strings.
Tiki pole - Be sure to make a tiki pole (you'll be using this in a game). Get a long plastic or PVC pipe and set it upright. Cover it with brown paper. Take printouts of different tiki gods and paste them onto the column. Decorate with a few pictures of flowers and leaves.
Surfboard table - If you have an ironing board, cover it up with a floral cloth and pin it down underneath the board. Add a fin using craft foam. Use this as a table for serving finger foods or beverages.
Make little coconut people by gluing a small coconut onto a bigger one, paste eyes, dress up with small lei and grass skirt, flower bikini
Lingerie - Make coconut bikinis with coconut halves. A bit of string tied to tissue paper flowers or plastic flowers can make pretty floral bikini tops
Volcano - This is a wonderful centerpiece for your table. You can buy a volcano science kit, of course but they're easy and fun to make. Here's how - Make a volcano out of modeling clay. Add red or orange food coloring to half a cup of vinegar. Put one or two teaspoons of baking soda in the hole in the volcano. As your guests arrive, pour in the vinegar and watch an active volcano at work!

Once you've bought or made your lingerie party decorations, its time to put it all together. The color scheme for your Hawaiian Luau party is anything bright and vibrant. Add plenty of green for a perfect tropical setting. Move plants indoors if that’s where you're holding the party. You can put up posters of tropical islands or beaches from old calendars. Bamboo patterned paper is great for covering up walls or doors.

Make your party area a shower of flowers with plastic, silk or tissue paper flowers. Paper lanterns are cheap and easy to get. String them throughout the party area. Make waterfalls by bunching long blue streamers together from the ceiling and letting them flow to the ground.

Hammocks are a great decorative element. If you don’t have one, get a length of fishnet material and tie cords around either end. Beach umbrellas and beach balls can really add to the playful feel. Stick parasol picks or cocktail umbrellas to the walls.

Ask your guests to come dressed in straw hats, sunglasses, flip-flops, Hawaiian shirts, sarongs, wrap-arounds or skirts. Hand out leis and real flowers to tuck behind a ear as they enter. With such great looking guests, who needs decorations?!


A Hawaiian feast worthy of royalty! Sounds good? Here are a few suggestions for a lip smacking Hawaiian Luau Lingerie party-

You can server finger foods like Hawaiian Mini-Kebobs- To make the kebabs, skewer pieces of fruits like pineapple, your choice of cooked meat and cheese and serve hot. (You could make this an easy main course dish by serving the kebabs on a bed of spiced flavored rice.) Make crunchy flavored snacks like coconut shrimps or go for a delicious meat treat like spiced pork ribs.

An authentic fruit salad is sure to be a hit! Instead of using a traditional bowl, use a hollowed out watermelon. Cut the inside of the melon into chunks and mix it with cubed tropical fruits like mangos, kiwis, and pineapples with a spicy or sweet dip and plenty of toothpicks. Make sure that you keep the other side of the watermelon intact because that can be used for a punch bowl!

A traditional luau would have roasted pig (Imu), fresh Hawaiian poi (pounded taro root), Chicken long rice, Lomi Lomi salmon, Chicken Adobo, Teriyaki and coconut cake or milk custard. If you'd like to try your hand at putting together an authentic luau spread, you can find all the recipes you need here. Check out this site too.

You can make things easier for yourself by adopting a more casual menu with pizza, pasta, chicken wings and kebobs Try our recipe for a mouth-watering Hawaiian pizza. Sweeten the evening with a few delicious desserts like--


Volcano cake - If you decide not to go ahead with the miniature volcano centerpiece, or even if you do, here is a 'hot' looking cake that your guests will simply adore. An easy to make volcano cake! If you'd like a cake that's more of an edible work of art, try this tropical beach cake. Use your creative skills to add more elements. Or check out these oh-so-cute island cupcakes!

Hawaiian Ambrosia - This is a delicious fruit dish that will make your guests’ mouths water. All you need to do to make this dish is to mix a bowl of maraschino cherries, diced strawberries, pineapple chunks, bananas, and any other kinds of berries that you might want to add. Combine the fruit with shredded coconut, mini marshmallows, and enough Cool Whip or freshly whipped cream to sufficiently cover the fruit. If you choose to add liquor, Amaretto will add a sweet touch to your already sweet dessert. Just soak the fruit in the liquor from the night before your party. With or without alcohol, Hawaiian Ambrosia is a delicious treat for everyone!

Fruit salad and ice cream- Serve fruits with a scoop of coconut or pineapple ice cream.

You'll find more Luau recipes along with a free recipe booklet here.



You can have a lot of fun making drinks for your Hawaiian Luau Lingerie party. Serve drinks in coconut cups or tiki cups and use fun things like swirly straws and cocktail umbrellas. You can even scoop out oranges or pineapples and use them as cups. Make things as colorful as you like with a variety of fruit shakes, smoothies or tropical punch. Here are a few things you could try-

Try our recipe for a refreshing Hawaiian Luau Watermelon Punch or Blue Hawaiian

Tropical slush - You'll need one can of crushed pineapple, 1 liter of pineapple juice, 1 liter of 7-up or any lemon flavored fizz and 1/4 liter or one cup of frozen orange juice. Add all the liquid ingredients together and mix well. Freeze overnight. Remove about an hour or two before the party and serve with a little crushed pineapple in the bottom of the glass.

Alcoholic drinks - If you'd like to include alcohol, Sebastiani wine, piña coladas, daiquiris and Corona beer are easy options. Try whipping up a traditional drink like Mai-Tai- This Polynesian wonder is a great drink for a Luau. Check here for an authentic Mai Tai recipe. If you'd like to try different Hawaiian drinks like pina colodas, lava flow and chi chi, check it out here. We also recommend this site for wonderful drinks in every possible color!

Party Favors

If you'd like to include party favors for your guests, you could decide to go ahead with something simple and sweet like a beautifully wrapped long stemmed tropical flower.

You could consider awarding each guest with a tiki cup. Fill the cup with a couple of inexpensive items like a package of Kool-Aid, some fruit flavored candy, and even a tiny g-string. Feel free to use your imagination for this one! Other fun ideas include beach balls, small beach towels, ankle bracelets, festive bandanas, paper fans or sun glasses.

You might want to add a personal touch by adding a tag to your favors with the words-
Ho'ohau'oli - Have fun,
A hui hou - Till we meet again,
Aloha au ia 'oe - I love you
or Maholo - Thank you

For an extra special party favor, see the Birds of Paradise activity in the Games section of this party theme.



It's time to go Island Hopping, engage in a Tiki Warrior Battle or try your hand at making Birds of Paradise! Check out these and other exciting game, activity and prize ideas.



Make your Hawaiian luau lingerie party more interesting by adding a few twists!


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