Fiesta Lingerie Party Twists

Want to throw this party in a more interesting way? Here are a couple of fun twists that you may want to incorporate into your Mexican Fiesta party-

Mexican Revolutionaries and movie stars - Ask your guests to come dressed up as their favorite Mexican revolutionaries such as Francisco Madero, Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa and Ventustiano Carranza or Mexican movie stars like María Félix, Pedro Infante, Dolores del Río and Jorge Negrete. Women can dress up as soldaderos (those who traveled with the armies to care for the men) with long skirts and flowery hats. For stories about Mexican revolutionaries check out this site. You could also come dressed as French soldiers carrying knapsacks with wine bottles for that authentic touch.

Fútbol champs - Invite your guests to come as members or supporters of Mexican soccer teams such as "Diablos Rojos" (Red Devils) of Toluca, Club America and Chivas de Guadalajara. Decorate your party area with soccer themed decorations and play some soccer based games to set off the theme.

Latin America Time - You could also broaden this theme to include all other Latin American cultures. Do the cha-cha, host a samba, sway to a salsa or do a hot tango number to latin rhythms. Ask you guests to come dressed as gauchos--south American cattle herders/cowboys with their ponchos and bombachas (loose-fitting trousers) or wear Cuban guayaberas, Chilean chamanto's, Spanish pollera's and any other Latin American outfits.

Day of the Dead Party - You could also throw this party to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Instead of fiesta flowers use a lot of marigolds which are the traditional flowers used for this event. Use a lot of Halloween decorations and skulls in your party area. Serve up a coffin cake or buy or make sugar skulls for all your guests. Throw in some chocolate coffins as a party favor. Your guests might also enjoy making memorable colorful boxes called nichos. Set up a small altar with some pictures of saints and you'll be all set!

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