Fiesta Lingerie Party Games

In old Mexican tradition, friendship was offered by breaking a cascarone - a confetti filled egg on the head of the person you liked. Men also used to throw perfume scented cascarones to the women they liked. In case your guests aren't up to cracking their cascarones on their friends you could play simple games with them or Cinco De Mayo trivia games as icebreakers. Take a look at some of the lingerie party games we have lined up for you--

Red Hot Lingerie Toss - Divide your guests into two teams and have them face each other. Have everyone hold their sombreros in hand and give one red bra or panty or a cascarone to each competing pair. Players will have to toss the lingerie or cascarone high in the air and have the other person catch it with their sombrero. When the lingerie or egg is caught both players will have to take one step backward and play again. Players go out if they drop the egg or lingerie. The last couple left standing or the last person left standing is the winner!

Flaming Sombrero - Have a sombrero decorated with paper lingerie hanging off it and naughty words. Let everyone decide on a word that is frequently used but taboo for the evening. Anytime a person uses the word by mistake, all the other guests will have to shake their maracas and the person gets to wear the flaming sombrero. This should be plenty of fun for all throughout the evening.

Cactus StripTease
- If you have an inflatable cactus as part of your decorations, it's time it was part of your fiesta! Tie up a few g-strings of different colors with long pieces of colored twine all around the base of the cactus and make an intertwined and confusing combination so that no one can unravel the lingerie easily. Give each guests a scrambled Spanish word that indicates the color of the lingerie that belongs to them. The aim of the game is for each guest to unscramble the word, identify the piece of lingerie belonging to them and untie it from the cactus quickly. The first person to divest the cactus of it's lingerie and give it to you gets to claim a prize. (You could also play a simple ring toss game with the cactus and award prizes to whoever lands the most rings on the cactus

Lingerie Style Piñata - Most people tend to think that piñatas are for kids, but they couldn’t be more wrong! You’ll prove that point wonderfully when you play a fun adult version of the classic piñata game at your party.

Before your guests arrive, take the piñata and fill it with Fiesta themed goodies that every adult will love. Fill it with g-strings, plastic liquor nips, unbreakable tequila bottles, naughty shaped candy from an adult shop, gift certificates to Mexican restaurants, favorite Mexican recipes and anything else that catches your eye. Hang the piñata from a secure spot on the ceiling or on a high hook and make sure that there are no breakables in the area. One at a time, blindfold your guests and have them take a swing at the piñata. Every time an item falls out of the piñata, the person who knocked it out gets to keep it. When the piñata falls, the guests can scurry to take their fair share of the contents. Award an additional prize to the person who knocks the piñata down. (Note: Try to save this for the last game of the night so that you can use the piñata as a decoration for as long as possible!)

Mexican Hat Dance - This game is similar to musical chairs, but with a twist. Instead of using chairs, your guests will have to scurry for their sombreros! Before you begin the game, instruct all of the guests to stand up and put their sombreros where they were sitting. Play Fiesta style songs like “La Bamba,” “Macarena,” and any other tunes that feel appropriate. Have your guests form a conga line and move through the party area. When the music stops, they will have to scurry to put their sombreros back on. The last person to get his or her sombrero back on is out of the game. Continue in this fashion until there is only one person left. Award that player a prize and tell your guests that they can resume their sombrero fun. As an amusing twist, feel free to make the winner wear the piece of lingerie that corresponded with his or her sombrero for the rest of the night!

Sombrero Scramble - This is a scavenger hunt with a twist. When you hang the sombreros on the wall, make sure that there are enough for each guest to take one. On the inside of each sombrero, write down a clue for where a specific piece of lingerie can be found. Before your guests know they are about to play a game, instruct each person to pick a sombrero from the wall. Once they have their sombreros, tell them that they must find the piece of lingerie that coordinates with their hat. When they find the lingerie, they must hang it on the wall where the sombrero previously was and put the hat on their heads. The first person to spice up the wall and wear a sombrero wins a prize. As a special treat, let each guest keep his or her sombrero as the door prize.

Mexican Kickball - This is a fun game to play in case you are having the party outdoors. Set up a fairly difficult obstacle course with tables, chairs, trees, nets etc. Divide your guests into two teams. Each team member will have to kick the ball across the obstacle course to reach the other side. Add a further twist to the game by having a team member stand at the end of the course who will have to get the ball from his teammate and go through the obstacle course in reverse. Use of hands is outlawed throughout the game! The first team to finish the obstacle course wins.

La Loteria - Play a traditional game of Mexican loteria. For instructions on how to play the game check out this page.

Jumping Bean Fiesta - Divide your guests into pairs and have them face each other. Give each couple a pair of chopsticks and a pair of bowls, with one bowl containing around ten beans. The object of the game is for each person to work with their team member using their chopstick to pick up a bean and drop it in the other bowl. In case anyone drops a bean they'll have to use the same technique and work with their partner to pick it up and transfer it to the bowl. The first pair whose beans have made the jump from one bowl to the other win.


Lingerie maracas - Have your guests make maracas out of paper mache. Make some maracas before hand by covering small balloons with paper mache. When dry, cut of the end of the balloon and throw in some rice and small beans. Hot glue a wooden handle in place. Provide sequins, paints, feathers, beads, markers and anything else your guests might need and ask them to go wild making the most red hot maraca set they can think of with provocating lingerie designs splattered everywhere. Get everyone to vote on the results and award a prize for the raciest maracas! These can also double up as party favors

Hot Hot Papel Picado - Get some crepe paper beforehand and ask your guests to make papel picado using chilli, bean and any other Mexican shapes along with lingerie shapes. Award prizes for the hottest Papel Picado!



Sombreros make great door prizes for a Fiesta Night lingerie party. You can give away just about anything related to spices and Mexican culture.

Hand out fancy chilli pepper and salt shakers, little Mexican tin ornaments, bits of pottery or margarita glasses with garters. Pictures of Mexican movie stars like Antonia Banderas or Mexican revolutionaries also make great prizes. Bottles of hot sauce, spicy vinegar, cans of refried beans or salsa also make good prizes.

Big Prize - For a big prize consider giving away a Mexican spice kit or a Mexican recipe book or a huge fiesta salsa bowl, along with a bottle of tequila. You could place the items in a wicker basket, line it up with red, white and green tissue paper and jazz it all up with some bright flowers, chilli bouquets or a hot pepper wreath and some really racy lingerie. Wrap a bandana or a rebozo or a party streamer around the box and you'll have a grand prize worthy of a meltdown!



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