Fiesta Lingerie Party

When it's time to really celebrate, what better way to do it than to call all your amigos for a smashing fiesta lingerie party? Invite all your hombres to get hot, hot, hot, dance to the macarena and drink their margaritas until they drop. Spice it up with lingerie and you'll truly have more than chillies and jalapenos to thank for raising the heat levels at your fiesta party!

Fiesta's are held to celebrate an event, a holiday or a festival and it's a wonderful way to remind people that it's good to have fun and that good cheer and joy might just really make the world go round! So whenever you want to throw a party that has everyone frolicking along in a festive spirit, go for a Fiesta theme. With lots of spicy food, jolly feasting, merrymaking and games this is one party were your guests will leave feel feeling refreshed and ten feet tall.

Throw this party on May 5th and you can celebrate 'Cinco De Mayo' in true mind-blowing latino style. And remember folks, those who behave, don't make history so go all out and have a blast!




If you'd like to make your own invitations, consider cutting out shapes out of colored paper that resemble margarita glasses, chilli peppers, tortilla's, jumping beans, pinatas, cactuses, or even the Mexican flag. Add at touch of spice by throwing in some dried chilli peppers, avocado leaves or small packets of taco seasoning in the invitation envelope. You could also attach a 'loteria' card with every invitation if you are planning to play the game later on. Just make sure to remind your guests to bring them along.

A wackier way to invite people to your fiesta lingerie party would be to get hold of some plastic sauce bottles and stick the party invite on top of the bottle, like a label. If you can paste on a little sombrero shape near the top of the bottle and draw a big curly moustache appropriately you'll have a very enchanting amigo to send to all your friends. You can either mail the bottle or send out a guy dressed like a Mexican to personally hand deliver them. In case you'd like to try the hand-delivery option you could substitute a small piece of Mexican pottery instead of the bottles, filling it up with bright tissue paper flowers, a rolled up invitation and some confetti. Tie a colorful bandana around the invite or the pot and you'll truly have a one of kind invite!

In case you'd like to print out your invitations, lay on the charm with a chihuahua. This cute little dog was made infamous with Taco Bell’s ‘Yo quiero Taco Bell’ commercials and who better to advertise your fiesta lingerie party? You could purchase a packet of blank invitations and print a picture of a Chihuahua on the front of the card and draw a sombrero along with a pair of naughty panties to get everyone's attention. Under the dog, write the words:

Yo quiero lingerie!

Outline your party details on the inside.

Hola Amigas!

On (date) at (time), my little friend and I are throwing the ultimate Fiesta Night lingerie party to bring out the spice in all of us.

Grab your maracas and head on over to (place) for a night that you’ll never forget!



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Color is the name of the game here and the more color the better! Kick start your lingerie party decorations with a chilli pepper wreath on your door along with a sign that says 'Red hot and Smokin' or 'Viva La Fiesta.' Create an amigo taking a siesta in front of your door. Just stuff a pant and shirt with newspapers, with a beach ball for the head, position it on a chair and lay a sombrero on top. If you have a poncho, make him wear one. You can greet your guests with sombreros to wear and take their picture along with your napping friend, which can be sent along to them later as a party favor. Position a couple more of these sleeping hombres inside, for some friendly company.

Begin by decorating your party area with all the colors of the Mexican flag - reds, greens and whites. You could buy balloons in those colors and make balloon bouquets or fill them with helium and let them float near the ceiling. Attach party streamers to a few balloons and have colorful sombrero or chilli or cactus shapes hanging off at the end of the streamers. You could also hang strands of chilli pepper lights or create your own papel picado; these are brightly colored tissue paper cut-outs that are popular in many Mexican homes during festivals or celebrations.

Bring out all the terracotta or pewter or bright vases you own and arrange tissue paper flowers or real flowers or floating candles in them. To make the setting look as festive as possible drape colorful blankets on the furniture, hang sombreros over chairs and walls and leave a guitar or a few maracas lying around. Dress up your walls further with chilli bouquets, Mexican tin ornaments, exotic masks, a map of Mexico or a picture of the taco bell dog and remember to include some lingerie! In case you have any cactus plants, display them prominently or better still get huge inflatable cacti that will also double up as game pieces. You could also make some artificial cacti.

To set the table - Use a blanket as your tablecloth and brightly colored cloth napkins as runners. Use plastic cups, paper or plastic plates, plastic silverware, and napkins that match your color scheme or those that come with Fiesta imprints. Create a sombrero centerpiece by attaching some tissue paper flowers to a sombrero and place a small dish filled with tortilla chips on the top for your guests can munch on. You could also create a cactus garden or a mini-desert landscape with as a centerpiece. Attach small images of the Mexican flag to toothpicks and strew them around liberally on all the food. Serve your food in terracotta dishes and use glowing margarita glasses for serving dips and drinks. Make and pile up colorful cascarones (bright confetti filled eggs) on a plate. Have some Mexican music playing in the background or hire a real mariachi band or tune in to mariachi live radio and your home will have taken on the air of a Mexican paradise!

The final touch your Fiesta lingerie party will need is a festive piñata. Either purchase one from an adult store or get a standard piñata from any party store and get ready for a smashing Mexican Fiesta night and if it's possible and allowed, consider getting some fireworks to light up the night sky!


So how do you delight your guests with a Mexican spread that'll have them stuffed to the gills? Go for a Mexican buffet. Set up a taco bar where guests can make their own tacos or order fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, empanadas from your local Mexican restaurant or do a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite Mexican dish along with them. Use bell peppers as bowls for salsa or guacamole. In case you will be holding your party outdoors, hire a taco-cart guy to serve up the goodies.

In case you'd like to try your hand at a little cooking consider whipping up quesadillas or make a delicious cactus salad - nopalitos

Take a look at the following recipes Here are a few more food ideas for a Cinco De Mayo party If you plan to have a cake go for a festive cactus cake Add some sunglasses, toothpicks and a handlebar moustache for an adorable look. Or try this lovely cake shaped like a sombrero

Design a veggie salad that looks like the Mexican flag out of peppers and boiled eggs, serve up a spicy fruit salad in margarita glasses. Have different versions of chilli on hand, from mild to piping hot and spice it up all up with our recipe for a delicious fiesta appetizer.

Serve crunchy delicious little Mexican wontons with salsa if you'd like to offer your guests something to snack on.

For desserts you could make a simple Mexican flan or go for a yummy Mexican flag dessert



For this Fiesta lingerie party you'll want drinks that scream Fiesta fun! Make some Sangria or get some fruity Jarrito from your local Mexican store. You could freeze candy beans in ice and add them to Tequilas or standard Margaritas for an interesting touch. Or you could try out the following revitalizers!

Mexicana - Mix one and a half ounces of Tequila with one ounce of lemon juice, one tablespoon of pineapple juice, and one teaspoon of grenadine. Shake the ingredients well with ice and strain them into chilled cocktail glasses.

Tequila Sunrise - Mix two ounces of Tequila with four ounces of orange juice and ¾ an ounce of grenadine. Stir the Tequila and orange juice and pour them over ice. Slowly add the grenadine and allow it to settle. Before drinking, stir all of the ingredients together to complete the Sunrise. (Note: You can increase the amounts of ingredients and serve this in a clear pitcher, too!)

Jumping Bean - In a mixing glass, mix one and a half ounces of Tequila with half an ounce of Sambuca and plenty of ice. Stir your concoction well and strain it into a cocktail glass. To add an extra special touch, garnish the drink with three coffee beans.

For non-alcoholic options go for refreshing sorbets or Horchata or some spicy Mexican hot chocolate that just rolls off the tongue.

Party Favors

A fiesta lingerie party theme gives you the opportunity to hand out a whole bunch of interesting little items as party favors. Make a little bag out of a bandana or use a brightly colored bag and fill it with items such as mini maracas, fiesta themed candles, bottles of tabasco, spicy Mexican candy and little boxes of Mexican jumping beans. Give a keepsake like an old map of Mexico and print out a delicious Mexican recipe at the back. For a really personal touch consider making or buying an 'Ojo de Dios' or God's Eye for each guest.

If you'd like to try your hand at making something, try making goodie bags with multilayered tissue or different colored crepe paper in fringes on the outside so that the bags resemble little piñatas. Throw in a g-string, along with some red or green confetti, chocolate coins and tissue paper flowers and the picture you took of your guest earlier on in little colorful frames with the words 'Bandito Wanted' on them. Fill the pouch with a little Tequila nip, a lime and some salt packages.



A red hot lingerie toss, cactus striptease or lingerie style piñata will have your guests begging for more hilarious fun and games! Check out all these spicy games and prize ideas!



Add a bit more Spanish flavor to your Mexican Fiesta Lingerie party by including these fun twists.


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