Fantasia Lingerie Party Twists

Fantasia Lingerie Parties offer an infinite amount of possibilities, so you may want to add a different twist to your party. Here are a couple of twists for you to choose from-

Arthurian Twist - If you would like to transport Fantasia to Medieval times, replace some of the aspects of your party with popular medieval elements and famous people of the time. For example, you could hang Gweniever’s lingerie on the dragon, pin the lance on Lancelot, or have your guests wear Arthurian name tags. You would have to add a whole new range of decorations like flags, swords, shields and don’t forget- the Round Table!

Escapees from Fantasia - It's fun here on earth when escapees from Fantasia are around! Ask your guests to come as the most hilarious or most wanted criminals from Fantasia with creative fantasia based prison-type costumes. Include prison-type elements into your party. Have chains or handcuffs lying around or give your guests temporary prison id tattoos when they enter. A fun idea for a game would be for everyone to confess the crime for which they were arrested--The funniest or most original crime gets a special prize!

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