Fantasia Lingerie Party Games

It's a good idea to always start your party with an icebreaker game. For this type of lingerie party, you can let your imagination go absolutely wild!

Fend of that satyr - (Outdoor game with no winner, just a group of happy nymphs)-Satyr’s are half man, half beasts with quite a reputation. Known for their, er, passion, they spent most of their time lusting and chasing after nymphs and women. In this game the nymphs have decided to stop running and fight back!

Choose one of you guests gets to be the Satyr to begin with. For the purpose of this game (and sheer fun) make this guest look the part by attaching a substantial behind to him/her. You could do this by attaching two round cushions lightly sewn together with a cord that is tied around the waist or just make do with one big pillow.


Hand the Satyr a beach ball. The nymphs stand along the borders of the open area where the game is being played and their positions are fixed. The Satyr “makes a pass”, i.e., throws the ball at one of the nymphs and makes a run for it. This nymph is freed from her place and she can choose to free just one of her sisters by throwing the ball at her. The two nymphs then try to take out the Satyr by running after it and throwing the ball at it. If the satyr is hit anywhere except on its big butt, one more nymph is freed. So the Satyr can use its butt to deflect the ball. If the ball comes to them, the other nymphs can only help by throwing the ball back to one of the free nymphs or by throwing it at the satyr. They must not move. As more and more nymphs are freed and the Satyr is outnumbered heavily, it can choose to give up and promise not to harass the nymphs anymore. One up for Women’s Lib, I say!

The G-string training course - It is rumored that the creatures of Fantasia stay in shape by a regular training session that involves…G-strings. You’ll need to create a chamber of strings to resemble the training ground. Get a few big cardboard boxes and cut away the top and base leaving squares. Make dozens of small holes in each square. Lay the squares close to each other to form a tunnel and secure it firmly. Thread sturdy string through the holes in a haphazard manner to create a maze of strings (Make sure the maze isn’t too complex.) Blindfold each guest and guide them to the starting point. The person who crawls through the chamber and makes it out the other end the fastest, wins!

Since the chamber itself takes up space, this is ideally an outdoor game. To play it indoors, store the chamber in another room or outside until you’re ready to play. Decorate the chamber by pasting paper G-strings on the outside and you’re in perfect shape!

Tip: Alright, whose egg is THIS? - Prepare an egg by taping two identical white bowls together. Make sure you fill it with some delicious candy and an over-sized piece of lingerie or even some furry handcuffs before you tape it. Decorate the egg with a few silver lines and spots to make it look authentic.

Walk into the room holding up the egg and say, “Alright, I know I asked y’all to imagine being fantastical creatures, but this is ridiculous! ‘Fess up now, who laid this EGG?!”

Announce to your guests that you know just how to find out the truth and that they’re going to play a game. Play any simple game that you’ve planned for and then surprise your guests by walking past the loser, hauling the winner up and pointing him/her out as the culprit. Ask him/her to open it and enjoy their ‘punishment’! The winner will either have to wear the lingerie on some part of their body or wear the handcuffs for a while.

Minotaur’s Labyrinth - According to Greek mythology, the Minotaur is a part-man, part-bull creature that is confined to a Labyrinth. The mission is to make the Labyrinth safe by freeing the Minotaur. Known for devouring humans, this creature won’t exactly stand around and listen. So you have to try to free it while trying to avoid being eaten by it!

One guest gets to be the Minotaur. Draw a large circle for the Greek Heroes (other guests) to position themselves. This is the outermost Heroes circle. Draw four concentric circles inside it but not too close to it. (See Image). You can define the circles using rope indoors.
The Minotaur stands right in the center and rotates clockwise in this position.
The heroes have to keep moving altogether anti-clockwise along the Heroes circle.
One of the heroes can break out of the line and make a grab for the Minotaur. One small touch will do before he darts back to the heroes circle.
If the Minotaur is touched, it takes a step forward and moves clockwise along the new circle.
If the Minotaur anticipates the ‘attack’, reaches out and touches the hero at any point when he/she is not on the heroes circle, the hero is considered eaten and has to leave the game.
The Minotaur cannot touch any hero who is on the heroes circle and cannot move beyond or deeper within its circle at any point.
Only one hero at a time can try to free the Minotaur. If two or more heroes make the attempt simultaneously, they must abandon the attempt and return to the circle.

This ensures communication among the heroes(hand signals or winks behind the Minotaur’s back)
The game continues till the Minotaur reaches the heroes circle, at which point it is free.
The heroes who have survived win prizes. Those who were ‘eaten’ must simply take comfort in the afterlife.

If you have the space, make a bigger labyrinth by drawing more than four inner circles.
To make the game feel more authentic, provide the Minotaur with horns (get party devil horns.)

Unicorns and Horns - Hang a poster of a unicorn on the wall or purchase a large unicorn stuffed animal. By folding richly colored construction paper into cone shapes, you can make as many unicorn horns as there are guests. On the inside of each horn, write down a clue for where the guest can find a specific piece of lingerie. Then use Velcro or double sided tape to attach the horns to the poster or stuffed animal. Have each guest choose a horn and scramble to find their pieces of lingerie. Whoever returns to the unicorn, reattaches the horn, and hangs the piece of lingerie on the horn the fastest wins a prize. You can also award prizes for second and third place if you’d like.

Pin the G-String on the Dragon - When most people think of dragons, they tend to think of big, scary monsters that want to set people on fire. What most people would never think of is what a dragon would look like in a g-string! Hang a poster of a dragon on the wall and hand each guest a real or paper g-string. Each guest should write his or her name on the g-string. One at a time, blindfold your guests and spin them in circles like you would before a game of pin the tail on the donkey. Then let the guest try to attach the g-string onto the right spot on the dragon. Whoever comes closest to the dragon’s magical spot wins a prize. As an extra treat, let all of the players keep their g-string game pieces.



Frantic Phoenix Frenzy - This is a game that will put your guests’ artistic abilities to good use. Supply everybody at the party with construction paper, tape, glue, popsicle sticks, magic markers, glitter, stickers, pipe cleaners, needles, thread, beads, sequins, and any other arts and crafts supplies that you can think of. Set a timer and give each guest approximately 15 minutes to create their very own phoenixes. When the timer ends, tell each guest to stop. Have all of the guests judge each others pieces and tell them that they can only vote on one phoenix for each category. When you choose the categories, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can award prizes for ‘Most Creative,’ ‘Most Fantasia Like,’ ‘Most Horrific,’ ‘Most Original,’ ‘Most Risqué,’ and any other categories that you can come up with. Since each guest should win a category, award the party favors to everybody when this game is over.



Prizes for a Fantasia Lingerie Party ideally have a whimsical quality to them. Here are a few suggestions-

Door Prize - Since your Fantasia party will include a lot of prizes, there is no need to spend too much time or money on door prizes. Give each guest a small ceramic figurine of a mythical creature as they enter the party or an origami dragon named after them. (Here's a video in 2 parts that explains how to fold an origami dragon -- Part 1, Part 2. You could also print out pictures of mythical creatures with a small description or interesting factoid and attach some fake leaves to it.

Game Prizes -Whilst shopping for prizes, you could choose to focus on the whimsical backdrop of Fantasia and give out sun catchers, wind chimes, stained glass butterflies or small bird baths, all things that remind one of nature. To stick to the theme, you could pass out miniature phoenixes, plush unicorns, dragon pendants, brightly colored g-strings, or even bottles of fruit punch marked as dragon’s blood!

Bookends, incense burners, candle holders etc, featuring mythical creatures would make great prizes. If you don’t want to spend too much time shopping, there are tons of butterfly, swan or ladybug accessories and gifts that would do just as well. Just be creative and your guests are sure to love everything that you offer them

Big Prize - For a grand prize give a nature-themed gift like a self-contained ecosphere. You could even buy a small terrarium and place a little unicorn in it. Better still give them a captured unicorn or dragon! Get a lovely jewel toned glass jar and fill it with ethereal looking goodies like marbles or brightly colored beads a little satin ribbon. Put in a figurine of a dragon, pegasus, unicorn, griffin, centaur or phoenix along with some beautiful tea light candles to match and a shimmery g-string. As a final touch, throw in some sequins or glitter dust to add a special shimmer to the gift. This prize will look as beautiful from the outside as it will when the prize winner unravels the contents.



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