Fantasia Lingerie Party

If there were worlds within this world, which one would you visit? One filled with magical creatures; powerful, mysterious and beautiful? A world where the earth blooms with health and happiness? A delightful world, perhaps, named Fantasia? Then this is the party for you!

The Fantasia Lingerie Party will transport you and your guests to a realm of fantasy where anything is possible. Play with the Unicorns, dodge those pesky Dragon flames and watch in awe as the Phoenix is reborn.

Reality will never quite be the same again, so let’s get magical!




For your Fantasia invitations, buy cards in a dark shade and decorate with a simple outline of a Unicorn in silver, surrounded by stars. Be sure to get white or silver felt pens to write on the cards. Or you could buy Unicorn shaped cards in pastel shades.

On the outside, you could write something like-

I believe! I believe!

On the inside, write-

In Fantastical Fun, Food and Frolic!

And I’ll make believers out of you at my Fantasy Lingerie Party

on (date, time)
at (place)

You are invited to leave reality behind!



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Fantasia Printables

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If you want your guests to feel like they’ve stepped into Fantasia, your decorations should start right at the doorstep. Decorate your door with an arch like assembly of streamers, artificial leaves and flowers strung together. Put up a sign on your door that says, “Secret Door to Fantasia!”

For recreating Fantasia, use a whimsical color scheme of shiny accents against a pastel background. Balance this throughout the party area carefully. For example, use baby pink, lavender and white balloons but add streamers in silver and gold. Use plastic plates and bowls set on a light colored tablecloth with thin silver tape running along the edges. Make flowers and leaves of tissue in colors slightly bolder than pastels so that they stand out.

Aside from colors, you should also concentrate on some standard elements that may pop into people’s heads when they hear the word ‘Fantasia.’ Since magical creatures are wandering through the area, one would expect footprints! Make hoof prints for Unicorns, claw prints for dragons, bird tracks etc. using grey craft paper or foam and put it up on the walls and the floor.

Although the focus is on beings like dragons, unicorns, griffins and phoenixes, let smaller creatures like butterflies, swans and ladybugs share some of the spotlight. Put up one or two wind chimes by the windows for music that’s as inspiring as it is beautiful.

Since this is a lingerie party, your newly created world should feel as sexy as it does magical. Try buying a stuffed animal unicorn and put it in a pair of naughty panties. Hang posters of mythical creatures on the wall and draw on naughty body parts or clothing.

As a final touch, drape some sheer material around the party area so that your guests will feel as if they have been whisked away into an exotic, fantastical world. Make sure that your fabric matches in with your overall color scheme. If you cannot find inexpensive fabric, you can achieve the same effect by hanging up colored tulle or streamers. Ask you guests to get comfortable and let their imaginations do the rest!


Taking a page out of Crispy Cones, a fantastic way to serve food is to do away with plates and provide you guests with edible cones. Tell your guests, however, that these are Unicorn horns graciously loaned to you by the generous hearted darlings.

You can even put up a sign saying so above the food area. Right below it, put up a picture of a herd of horses with a sign saying “Hey! Who took our horns?! @$#*#!”Since you can pretty much serve anything in a cone, your menu is unlimited. For simpler fare, have plenty of finger foods with creative names befitting the theme. You could, for example, have ‘Unicorn footprints’ and ‘Dragon vaults’. Make unicorn breadsticks to munch on by twisting breadstick dough. Try a delicious Dragon dip that'll go along well with a bread bowl theme.

Ever heard of dragon ball tea? Little tea balls that resemble gunpowder shot or rolls of ribbons? Learn all about it at the this link.


If you are in the mood for all things dragon, there are lots of lovely recipes you can try. Make snacks like dragon eyes or dragon breath. Dazzle your guests with a realistic looking dragon roll or put together a simple dragon eye fruit salad. For dessert make an exotic dragon fruit pizza if you can find the fruit in your area.



Fantasia conjures up images of abundant, powerful waterfalls. So for your Fantasia Lingerie party, label the Drinks section of the table as “The Magical Waterfall”. If you have a small fountain, make it the centerpiece. Do try this fantabulous drink-

To Hell with Swords and Garters - This is the real name of a drink and it couldn’t come along at a more perfect time. Mix one and a half ounces of Scotch with one ounce of dry vermouth and one and a half ounces of pineapple juice. Mix all of the ingredients in a shaker with ice and mix well. Strain the drink into cocktail glasses on the rocks or straight up. Make sure to add a colorful stir stick into each drink and your guests will feel like they’ve entered Fantasia Heaven!

For that special touch, try to provide drinks in at least three colors. Make sure that you have flashing ice cubes or stir sticks to put in your magical drinks. Check out this fun site with drinks sorted by color.

Party Favors

The final item you will need for an unforgettable Fantasia Lingerie Party is a party favor for each guest to take home with them. In keeping with the theme, a good idea would be to create Unicorn horn goody bags!

To make the unicorn horns, buy silver sheets, cut into squares and roll them into cones. Secure with tape and punch two holes into each cone for the ribbon handle. For readymade bags, just buy a bunch of silver party hats.

Fill the horns with candy and edible candy sprinkles. Make the bags spill-proof by covering the top of the cones with cling wrap. Add a special touch to the bags by attaching an origami unicorn that you made. Your unicorn horn goody bags are now ready to travel!



Step into a land where fantasy and reality collide dreamily--Playing games like the Minotaur's Labyrinth, The G-String training course and Unicorns and Horns! Check out these and other exciting game and prize ideas.



Looking to throw a Fantasia party with an interesting twist? Check out this page for more ideas!


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