Casino Night Lingerie Party

What happens if you gather all the neon lights in the world into one large pile, put an explosive in it and light it up in the middle of a desert? You got it- Las Vegas, entertainment capitol of the world.

Las Vegas is more than an explosion of lights, it’s an explosion of uninhibited fun and that’s the spirit your Casino Night Lingerie Party will capture!

You and your guests will get to experience the thrill of games and gambling, partake of a buffet meal and indulge in naughtiness reminiscent of Sin City itself.

So let’s roll out the dough and get to work!





For this party, you can have a lot of fun creating Las Vegas style invitations. Get plain black cards and decorate by outlining playing dice, cards or a martini using silver pens. On the outside of the invitation, personalize the famous Vegas slogan by writing:

What happens at (insert your name)’s house
Stays at (insert your name)’s house.

On the inside of the invitation, write something to the effect of:

Shopping? Yes
Fun? Yes.
Gambling? Yes.
Vegas? No! But it might as well be!

On (date) at (place), you’re invited to partake in the fun, games, shopping, and excitement of my special Casino Night Lingerie party. Let Vegas come to you!

P.S. Don’t forget to bring this invitation with you to participate in the Lingerie Lotto! Your (hopefully) winning number is: (insert any number)

A creative invitation with the promise of a lottery is sure to reel in guests and make your Casino Night Lingerie party a guaranteed winner!



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Decorations for your Casino Night Lingerie party are reflective of games such as roulette and poker. Red, black and green are the major colors you should ideally use. Add a little bling with silver and gold. Get a bag of playing dice or toy dice and a few decks of cards since they’re so affordable and can be used extensively for decoration.

Decorate your dining table by sewing on cutouts of playing card suit symbols- hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. A simple idea for a centerpiece would be to fill a tall glass or clear vase with dice. Insert one large feather in it. If you have a patterned vase, cover the surface with black or red paper. Fill it up with a bunch of sticks with playing cards and cutouts of card symbols glued onto the tops for some unusual flowers! You could also put some tall white ostrich feathers in eiffel vases for that elegant Vegas look.
If you'd really like to create something unique that will impress all your guests make a Money plant for a centerpiece. This can also double up to be the grand prize of the evening.

If you have dolls at home, make them you very own Las Vegas show girls by dressing them up with a little lace, fur and feathers and placing them on a small raised platform (this could just be a book under the tablecloth).

On your walls, put up playing cards, pictures of dice, Las Vegas banners, fake money (monopoly money will do), a map of the famous Las Vegas strip like this one and anything else that reminds you of a casino in Vegas. Using dim lighting and a lot of mirrors around the party area also contribute to creating a casino-like atmosphere. For laughs hire or ask a friend to dress up as an Elvis impersonator and make rounds throughout the evening.

If you agree that bigger is better, this party gives you plenty of scope to add elements that look great when they’re a bit larger than life. And if you have a do-it-yourself approach, here are a few suggestions (Make all of you decorations with metallic wrapping paper for that glitzy look. Craft paper would do just as well) -

Playing dice - Cover cardboard boxes with plain white/black paper or even newspaper that’s black and white. You can add black spots with paint or paste spots cutout from black paper. Stack them up in one corner of the room.

Poker chips - Paint ordinary paper plates with solid colors and use daubs of white paint to add a bit of detail.

Lottery Tickets - Cut out a large piece of white paper and draw black lines along the border. Decorate it if you wish. Put in details such as words and numbers and punch holes along one side.

Dart board - If you don’t have a dart board, make a simple bulls eye board instead by cutting out concentric circles out of craft paper and pasting them onto a circular cardboard piece.

Glowing décor and fake Neon lights - No true Casino is complete without neon lights! There's no need to go all out for this one, though. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can create wonderful imitations of the 'real thing'. You can make images of lingerie, martini glasses, dice or banners. There are many things you could use, like fluorescent nylon wire, blinking bike lights, Christmas lights, glow in the dark accessories, glow sticks (available in party stores) and for the most authentic look- EL (electro luminescent) wire.

While putting up your decorations, instead of spreading them out all over the party area, consider grouping a couple of them together to create decorative collages. Once you’ve put everything up, your casino is now ready for its grand ‘Opening Night’!

Las Vegas BannersCreate banners that say things like--

‘Las Vegas life!’
‘Peace, love and poker.’
‘Bad girls at the table.’
‘You raise it, I’ll hold it.’

You could use Christmas lights or EL wire to ‘write’ (i.e. tape) the phrases onto your walls or onto black felt boards.



For your Casino Night Lingerie party, the simplest and most authentic spread you can provide would be a buffet. Serve finger foods like pretzels, mixed nuts, and trail mixes. For more substantial fare, whip up foods like prime ribs, steamed clams, pasta and Cuban sandwiches, or exotic foods like the Triple Layered Cheese Torte and Mushroom Tarragon Brie En Croute.

For a theme based dish make scrumptious little money bags - Check out this delightful recipe at Kitchen Unplugged. If you’d like a more exciting stuffing, you could add a spoonful each of cooked rice, boiled veggies, bits of cooked tender meat and an appropriate sauce to tie it all together. You could even substitute the crepes with boiled cabbage leaves to shorten cooking time! Add dollar symbols using green frosting and your money bags are all set to roll! Check out our Casino Spiced Nuts and Roulette Pepper Dip recipes.

You could also whip a delicious eggplant casino and supplement it with a simple salad bar that ties in with the color scheme. Make platters of cucumbers, red or green peppers, tomatoes, and celery.

For simple yet great looking desserts, make fake cigars by getting chocolate coated wafer rolls and wrapping a small ribbon of gold paper on one of the ends or chocolate dice. To do this heat chocolates till they melt and pour it into lightly buttered ice cube trays. Refrigerate the chocolate and once it hardens, shake them out and add small round depressions and white dots using frosting. You could also make dice cakes by cutting up a large square cake into smaller pieces and using red, black and white colored frosting to decorate them. Create a few poker chip cookies by frosting some chocolate cookies or make a delicious bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

Make your casino party even more authentic by trying out a few more Las Vegas inspired recipes.



As with all parties, you should have a good variety of beverages to serve your guests. Stock up on soda pop, juice, and beer or wine before your party. Try making drinks in different colors to suit the theme. Here are a few ideas. Or make flamingos out of four parts cranberry juice, two parts pineapple juice, a splash of soda, and a lime wedge.


Party Favors

For a cute party favor, get small gift boxes for each of your guests and write “I’m a WINNER!” on the top.

You could make an origami shirt (There's a video available here ) or bowtie out of dollar bills for a fun touch. Or throw in poker chip lighters, gold covered chocolate coins, fake money bills, one dollar scratch tickets, clay poker chips, huge colored feathers, mini-champagne bottles, chocolate cigars or dice, into the gift box along with some sequins, club or heart shaped confetti and you'll have a winning combination. Nothing beats sending your guests home feeling like winners!

Another idea is to make a batch of chocolate dice and wrap a few up for each guest. Here's where you can find some beautifully made chocolate dice and other great favors



Light up the night with games like Win, Lose or Drawers, Lingerie Lotto, Goldfish racing and Spin or Dare! Check out these and other exciting game and prize ideas.



Make your casino lingerie party more interesting by adding a few twists!


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