Casino Night Lingerie Party Games

For your Casino Night Lingerie party, you could rent slot machines or other gambling equipment from local party suppliers. If that’s not a part of your plan, you could arrange games like darts, dominoes and card games. Either way, here are a few lingerie party game ideas that will definitely liven things up-

Lingerie Lotto – As you mentioned on your invitations, your party is going to include a round of Lingerie Lotto. This is a really easy game and it will make your guests laugh in delight. While you make out the invitations, write down each invitation number on a separate slip of paper. When you get a final tally of who is at your party, throw away the slips from the guests who are not going to come. Put all of the slips of paper into a hat; this should preferably be a top hat because magicians thrive in Vegas. Pull out a winning slip and tell the winner to step into the Winners Circle. Give the winner a small prize and tell him or her to wear the top hat for the rest of the night. To add a silly twist to this game, tape a tiny piece of negligee onto the side of the hat that nobody can see during the game. This will make the other guests laugh and make them feel a bit better about not winning the other prize.

Win, Lose, or Drawers – Before your guests arrive at the party, take a deck of playing cards and place a sticker with a picture of lingerie or bathing suits on one of the low cards in the deck. Have your guests sit around a table and give each player one card, face down. (Make sure that one of those cards has a sticker!) Let everyone look at their card, but don’t let them show the other players. Pick one player to start with and give that player the chance to keep his or her card, or to trade it with the person to the left. Allow each person to keep the card or trade it until everybody has gotten the chance to make a decision. At the end of the round, have each person flip over his or her card. Whoever has the highest card wins a prize. (If there is a tie, you can either give out multiple prizes or have the winners play another round for a tie breaker.) As an amusing twist, give the person with the lingerie sticker (which should be on a low card) a g-string or some other form of a naughty nightie and tell him or her to keep that piece of clothing somewhere on his or her body for the rest of the night.

Call Your Bluff – This is a fun game that also works well as an icebreaker. Have all of your guests sit in a circle and instruct them to write three personal statements on a piece of paper. Two of these statements should be true. One should be a lie. Choose a guest to go first and instruct him or her to read one of the statements. If any of the guests think that statement is a lie, they should call the other player’s bluff. At that moment, the player will flip over his or her piece of paper and reveal whether or not that statement was true. If it was a lie, the player(s) who caught it will receive a poker chip. If it was true, the person who said the statement will receive a poker chip. Continue going around the circle until everybody has read one of their statements. Tally up the chip count and see who is in the lead. If there is a tie, keep going for a second; if you must, extend it for three rounds. Whoever gets the most poker chips at the end gets to redeem their chips for a prize.

Spin for a Dare – If your budget allows it, rent a roulette wheel from your local entertainment company. Ask your guests to place their bets on where the ball will fall and spin for a dare! You could ask your guests to write down things they would dare the other to do (within reason) just before the game and put it in a bowl. Whoever comes up with the correctly called odd or even number gets to pick a dare--Adventure guaranteed!

Gold fish Racing – Live gold fish racing is one of the highlights of Las Vegas style events. Call up your local entertainment company and ask them if they can provide the goldfish and the accessories you’ll need. Your guests will have a whale of a time betting on them!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Game Show – In case you're guests are up for trivia games host a millionaire show and base questions around Vegas, actors or actresses or famous casinos etc. Frame a fake Million dollar bill as a prize.



One of the best parts of a Casino Night lingerie party is picking out the prizes. As with any casino, players have to make a gamble. Whenever somebody wins a prize, allow them to choose their own prizes. (Each prize should be wrapped as discreetly as possible.) The winners might wind up with something wonderful, but they could also wind up with something ridiculous!

Door Prize - You could give each guest a deck of playing cards with (Your Name)’s Casino written on the box. Keep it simple as there will be more than ample opportunity for your guests to win prizes as the night progresses.

Game Prizes - Since your prizes will include both the serious and the ridiculous, open your mind to the endless possibilities!
Tip: Instead of giving out a prize at the end of each game, you could also pass out poker chips to every winner. As the night goes on, each guest will accumulate a pile of poker chips, so everybody should be able to walk away with at least one prize. At the end of the night, have each guest enter the Winners Circle and let them choose their own gifts. Separate each category of gifts into prize amounts. For instance, three of the gifts could ‘cost’ 10 chips and five of the gifts could ‘cost’ five chips. Let each person ‘purchase’ his or her prizes. You could do the same thing by replacing chips with fake money!

A poker set or a wrapped up banana, a martini shaker or a coupon for you to make him/her a martini- anything goes. Here are a few more suggestions - “The Gambler” music album or movie, a set of plastic champagne glasses, a cocktail recipe pocket book, a pink wig, a tin of dog biscuits, a super plus size bra.

Big Prize - Try to make the big prize a fabulous one. What does every successful gambler want? A safe place to keep his/her riches, of course! Get a small safe or vault, or even a vanity case Fill it up with goodies like a poker set, a pair of shot glasses and a lovely negligee or a naughty thong. If you decide to go ahead with a traditional basket of goodies, use chocolate gold coins to fill up the space.



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