'Love Thy Neighbor' Party Twists

If you’d like to add a unique twist to your party, we have ideas!

“Come as you are Not” lingerie party - Ask everyone to come dressed as the opposite of what they are --They can choose any character trait they are comfortable with. For instance if a neighbor is a successful business man then he can come dressed as a farmhand. If someone loves iguanas then they can come dressed up as an iguana hunter. You can have a fantastic time playing guessing games with this twist!

“Dance with your neighbor” lingerie party - Make this a really groovy dance party. You could hire a DJ or just put together your own collection of songs. From rap to waltzes, go crazy with your selection of songs and watch your guests laugh it up as they try to keep up with different dance styles.

“Yee haa, Neighbor!” lingerie party - Transport your neighborhood ‘pardners’ to Texas with a cowboy theme party. Ask your guests to come dressed as cowgirls and cowboys. Serve traditional Texan fare and let you guests dance to a few old fashioned country songs.

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