'Love Thy Neighbor' Party Games

When neighbors get together, pretty much everything is amusing. You could go ahead with traditional group games like bingo or dumb charades. Try our cool game ideas to liven things up some more!

Wet Dodge ball - Play a traditional game of dodge ball outdoors using wet sponges. If you like, turn on the sprinklers or garden hose from time to time for a few good screams!

Neighborhood treasure hunt - Play a traditional treasure hunt game spread out across the neighborhood. This involves some work and help from at least another friend. After your guests have arrived, ask your helpful friend to place your clues in pre-determined locations in the front or backyards of your guests. The clues should hint at a particular person’s house by describing some distinctive feature of the person or their place. Give your guests the first clue and show them the door! Arrange for the last clue to lead your guests right back into your house where you’ll be waiting for them with their treasure- the grand prize.(This game is best played when its still light outside, so see if you can fit it into your party schedule.)



Recipe swap - Ask your guests to bring a favorite time tested recipe and let them have a recipe swap session at some point during the party.

‘You think you know me’ - Prepare a mock quiz show, where your neighbors are tested on how well they know each other. Keep your questions light-hearted, funny and even quirky.



Game prizes - For your “Love Thy Neighbor” lingerie party, you can give your guests pretty much anything as prizes. You might consider getting things that would be pretty or useful around the house-beautiful furnishings like small art pieces, sculptures, candles, vases or throws or garden accessories like bird feeders or sundials.

Big prize - For the big prize, you could fill a basket with an assortment of goodies. If you’d like to get something more memorable, consider buying a beautifully crafted weather vane, bird house or even a mail box. Make sure to bundle along a lacy thong and some scented candles for that special touch. Just make sure that your big prize looks unique and gorgeous!



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