'Love Thy Neighbor' Lingerie Party

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood and you’re looking for a way to get to know your neighbors better?

Or you’ve been around long enough to want to show your friends how much you appreciate their being a part of your life. There’s no better way to do it than with an unforgettable lingerie party.

Your ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ lingerie party could include the people in your apartment complex or a whole block of houses.

Either way, you’ll find this is a great way to get together, have plenty of fun and reconnect with that all important community spirit.




With guests living right next door, you could decide to go ahead and give it a personal touch by inviting them in person. But nothing can replace the charm of a beautiful invitation slipped under the door. You could decorate blank cards with a picture of a house with the door open or print out images of any party scene. Here are a couple of ideas-

This invite idea is perfect for those who are new in town or would prefer something light-hearted.

Write this on the outside-

There goes the neighborhood!

On the inside,

“You’re invited to my “Love Thy Neighbor” Lingerie Party! Oodles of fun, food, prizes and lingerie await you! Share the good times on (date, time) at (place)

If you’d like to show your neighborhood friends that this party is all about them-

On the outside, write something like,

“Love Thy Neighbor”

I already do!

On the inside,

Which is why I’m throwing a “Love Thy Neighbor” Lingerie party just for you!

Let’s get together and have a perfect blast on (date, time) at (place)



Printable Invitations & More!

Love Thy Neighbor Printables

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Decorations for you “Love Thy Neighbor” lingerie party are pretty basic, since your theme requires nothing more than an open door and a friendly smile. Get plenty of party balloons, streamers and confetti. Set the mood with good music including songs like “There goes the neighborhood” and “We are family”.

For more creative touches, consider making hanging decorations in the shape of houses using cardboard and craft paper. Family fun has great ideas to make houses out of paper bags, milk jugs or even graham crackers! You could make paper lingerie in different colors and patterns and hang them on the walls.

For a really great talking point, you could try making a large colorful map of the neighborhood, with stick figures of your neighbors, magazine cut outs and funny comments. If you live in an apartment, then you could make a cross sectional map of the building with the same fun elements. Try using free clipart to make it all look really good.



In keeping with the spirit of your “Love Thy Neighbor” lingerie party, this is a perfect opportunity to ask your friendly neighbors to contribute to the menu with their own sumptuous creations. However you can whip up a good spread all on your own with these quick recipe suggestions-

Noodles or Pasta with Tomato Basil sauce - Make a batch of Tomato Basil sauce when you have some free time and refrigerate. Just before the party, cook the pasta according to the instructions given.. Heat the sauce and toss with pasta just before serving.

Spiced rice - Before you cook the rice, add the following spices along with the vegetable or chicken stock- ground cumin, tomato puree, garlic paste, chopped veggies like beans, peas and carrots (optional), a dash of butter or olive oil, salt and pepper for taste. You can come up with different tastes using a different set of spices.

Fried cheese cubes - Get any cheese that you like and cut into cubes of about an inch. Dip first into beaten eggs and then into a plate of bread crumbs. Do this again if your cheese is very soft. Fry them in oil till they turn golden brown. Put them on skewers and serve hot.

Smoked meat and herbs on white bread - You can use any meat of your choice for this, but chicken or salmon would do wonderfully well. Cut the crusts off the bread and arrange a slice of smoked meat on each. Top off with a sprig of fresh parsley or dill.

Grilled asparagus - Grilled asparagus with a little salt and pepper is delicious and easy to make. Try adding to the recipe by cooking it with grated cheese or a combination of lemon and garlic.

Toasted flavored bread -Get breads of different flavors like garlic or cinnamon. You can add the flavor to ordinary bread yourself by rubbing them with garlic or adding chopped herbs or cheese when you toast them. Toast your breads with a little butter and sprinkle oregano, chilli flakes or salt to taste. You can add flavor by topping it off with fresh tomato slices, grated cheese or pickles

Stuffed tomatoes - You can try your hand at making traditional stuffed tomatoes. To make them even more delicious, add cooked minced meat to the stuffing.

Everything in it sandwiches - Sandwiches give you a sort of poetic license to fill them up with just about anything you like. Here’s one of many cool combinations you can try- lettuce, tomatoes, meat slices like ham or chicken, coleslaw, mustard and mayo.

Roast Pumpkin Salad - You can’t go wrong with this colorful salad.

Dessert - Buy or whip up a batch of cupcakes or tarts. If baking is not your thing, make your own delicious creations with fresh fruits, ice cream, jelly or custards. For a truly mouth watering creation, try making Tiramisu, a notorious Italian dessert. Try this mouth-watering Coffee Chocolate tiramisu


Party Favors

For this party you could decide to get the phrase “Love Thy Neighbor” printed onto clothing of some form like T-shirts, napkins, or small bags filled with chocolates for each of your guests.

Gifts of food will always be appreciated. If baking is your thing, you can make small cupcakes and decorate them with words like ‘ cool friend’ or ‘radical neighbor’. Another thing you can do is to get some chocolate doughnuts from your local bakery and decorate them with sugar hearts. Just make sure it looks delicious!



Check out some cool games and fun prize ideas that are guaranteed to make your lingerie party a roaring success!



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