Lingerie Party Themes

You've just arrived at the most enticing collection of lingerie party plans that you'll ever need! If you're looking for a complete party experience that’s entertaining as well as mischievous, you've come to the right place!

Click on any of the themes below to find ideas for invitations (with free printables), games, activities, decorations, prizes and party favors. (We've also grouped together certain themes that will work for large gatherings such as College lingerie parties.)

All the themes contain easy decoration ideas that will be light on your pocket as well as simple recipes that you can whip up in no time. Since these are lingerie parties, you'll find games here where you can toss, throw, wear and fight with lingerie--pretty much do it all!. When it comes to prizes just remember that traditional lingerie parties come equipped with a grand prize that one lucky guest will win at the end of the night. This guest could be the person who purchased the most lingerie, a person who decided to book a party, or even a random person whose name is picked out of a hat. So when you are putting together the grand prize, just remember that big does not necessarily translate into expensive. It's all in the presentation!

We hope you'll greatly enjoy exploring all our party themes. Have a fabulous time!

Masquerade Photoshoot
Roman Toga
Mystical Night
Anytime Valentine
Hawaiian Luau
Casino Night
Winter Wonderland
Fiesta Nights
Love Thy Neighbor







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