Fun Icebreakers that'll get everyone comfortable

Do You Want To Throw the Best Lingerie Party Ever?

When you throw a lingerie party or shower, you’re bound to invite some people who do not know each other. Chances are that you’ll have random groups of friends, acquaintances, family members, and co-workers who have nothing to do with one another. Since the last thing that you want is to have a party full of cliques, icebreaker games are a great way to make everybody socialize and participate in the fun.

Your party should begin when the salesperson introduces herself. After explaining who she is, what she does, and what the point of her party is, she should immediately move on to an icebreaker game.

Once the game begins, guests will lower their inhibitions and get to know one another. More often than not, they’ll be able to bond over doing something absolutely silly or ridiculous, which will keep them in a playful mood for the rest of the night.

Some of the party themes have games that serve perfectly as ice breakers, so you may want to use one of those if you come across it. However, the following list of games are appropriate for any kind of lingerie party, no matter what the theme may be. If you want, you can even tailor these games to fit in better with your party theme. Just choose a game, stick with it, and let the fun and games begin!


Unfreeze the Lingerie - This is a hilarious icebreaker that's loads of fun for everyone! Gather lingerie that’s a few sizes bigger than average. Have one piece of lingerie earmarked for each guest to ensure no one is left out and make sure that each piece can be worn over clothing.

Put each item of lingerie into a ziplon bag, fill half of the bags with water and stack them in the freezer so that the lingerie is frozen inside a layer of water. This must be done the previous night.

Remove the bags at least 5 minutes before the game starts so that you can separate the individual bags. Split the guests into teams of two. Each team is given one bag. When the clock starts, the teams have to open the bags and somehow get the lingerie out of the ice. They can do this anyway they please, i.e. by breaking it, running it under water or borrowing you hair-dryer! The teams that complete the task within a minute win or the one that is the fastest gets a grand prize!

The Ticket Game - When a salesperson wants to increase her sales and make her explanation of her company a bit less boring, the ticket game is a great way to begin. Rather than explaining everything about herself and her company, the salesperson stands at the front of the room holding a large roll of raffle tickets. She tells the guests to ask her anything that they want to know about her, her job, or her company. Every time a person asks a question, they earn a raffle ticket. For an extra element of excitement, the salesperson can tell the guests that she’s waiting to hear two questions that will each be worth five tickets. Those two questions are “How much money do you make?” and “How do you become a salesperson?” At the end of the question and answer session, the salesperson will draw a raffle and award three or four prizes. The salesperson can also wait until the end of the night to do the raffle and hand out streams of tickets in lieu of small prizes during the other games. Since this is the first chance for guests to win any prizes, they will usually jump at the chance to ask questions, thus making the salesperson’s job a bit easier and less mundane. (Note: After this game, the salesperson should pass out any pamphlets, packages, or brochures that she has with her. Once she explains those papers, she should move on to another ice breaker game for the guests to get to know each other better.)

I Never - Give each guest ten raffle tickets at the start of the game. Have them sit in a circle and one by one say something that they have never done. If anybody else has done what the current player has never done, they will throw down a ticket. For instance, let’s say that Player 1 says “I never rode naked on a horse.” If anybody else in the circle has done that, they have to throw down their tickets and show everybody that they have done that strange act. Keep going around the circle until there is only one player with any tickets left. Award that player a prize and congratulate everybody on sharing their odd experiences.

Who Am I? - When your guests arrive at your lingerie home party, place a name tag on the back of their shirts so that they cannot see what famous personality they are supposed to be. You can make labels that say ‘My Name Is Pamela Anderson,” “My Name Is Freddy Krueger,” “My Name is Elvira,” “My Name Is Madonna,” or any other names that you want to include. Have the guests wander around the room and ask other guests questions about their name tag. Give them approximately ten minutes to figure out who they are supposed to be. Once the time is up, have each guest guess who they are for the night. After they make their guesses, put their name tags on the front of their shirts. Whoever guesses correctly wins a small prize. (Note: This game can easily be tailored to fit in with a variety of themes, so you’ll certainly see this game pop up with different twists!)

Wild Predictions - Give each player some small slips of paper and have the guests sit in a circle. Choose a player to begin the game and instruct him or her to ask a question about which guest is most likely to do something. For instance, the player could ask the group “Who is most likely to have sex with a rock star?” or “Who is most likely to wind up in jail?” Have each guest write his or her answer on a slip of paper and hold up their answers simultaneously. Whoever gets the most votes for that question gets to ask the next question. Keep going in this manner until somebody has been voted as the most likely to do something on four different occasions. Award that player a prize.

Blindfold Mayhem - Have each guest put on a blindfold that is impossible to see through. Bring the guests through a series of commands and tell them to take off certain items of clothing. The point of all these commands is that they can take off the blindfolds at any time. You can say things like, “Take off something that restricts you,” “Take off something that is uncomfortable,” “Take off something that you don’t need,” “Take off something that you hate,” “Take off something that you shouldn’t wear to a formal function,” and any other statements that could relate to the blindfolds. When the first person takes the blindfold off, instruct him or her to stay quiet. Let the rest of the guests keep taking off various items of clothing until the last person realizes that he or she could have taken off the blindfold a long time ago. Award a prize to the first person who figured out the trick to the game and give a sympathy prize like a cheap g-string or a string of raffle tickets to the last person who caught on. As the guests gather up their shoes, socks, hair accessories, bras, and overcoats from the floor, they will have a good laugh at their own expense.

True or False? - Give each guest a slip of paper and instruct everybody to write down two statements about themselves that are true and one that’s a lie. Have each player read his or her three statements out loud. The other guests will mark down which statement they think is a lie. Once everybody has read their statements, have everybody reveal which statement was false. Whoever predicted the most lies correctly wins a prize. The best part is that this short game will make the guests learn more about each other than they could have learned through an hour of talking!

The Big Bang - Have each player write down a funny or naughty fortune on a small slip of paper. Wedge these fortunes into balloons and have each player blow up his or her balloon. On the count of three, have all of the players throw their balloons in the air and try to catch a falling balloon. The first person to pop the balloon that he or she catches will win a prize. The rest of the players will all pop their balloons and everyone will share their fortunes with one another. This icebreaker is very fast, but it is sure to start off the party with a big bang!

Around the World - Pass out printed lists of things that some of the players may have done in the past. Leave a blank line next to each statement. For instance, you can write things like “I’ve gone bungee jumping,” “I’ve had sex in public,” and “I’ve milked a cow.” Set a timer for five or ten minutes and instruct the players to find other players who have done one of those acts to sign his or her name on the corresponding line. Only one person can sign for a single act on each piece of paper. When the timer is up, have the players count how many autographs they received. The player who has the most signatures on his or her piece of paper wins a prize. Better yet, the guests will all feel like they’ve known each other for years by the time the game ends!

And that’s that! These icebreaker games will take the edge off the party and make everybody feel acquainted. Try to play one of these icebreakers at the beginning of your lingerie party so that everyone will feel tempted to participate throughout the rest of the night.

Just remember not to play more than one icebreaker at a single party, or your guests won’t have anything else to talk about as the night goes on! (The only exception to this rule is The Ticket Game, which can be played with another game, too.)

Have fun, get to know each other, and let the good times roll!

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