Bridal Lingerie Shower for a Younger crowd



There is a word for a bridal shower lingerie party that strictly focuses on a younger crowd: post-bachelorette party! For this kind of lingerie party, you can get as wild as you dare. Sure, there will be some younger folks who are a bit shy, but they will know what to expect if they attend this kind of party. The important thing is to keep this party a surprise so that the bride-to-be won’t know what hit her!

At a bridal shower lingerie party for a younger crowd, you can get away with doing virtually anything. Just make sure to have fun, follow these tips, and let the games begin!



Out of all of the types of bridal shower lingerie parties, these ones are probably the easiest and the most fun to throw. Not only can you be as naughty as you want to be, but you don’t have to worry about offending anybody in the process. Of course, there are still a few suggestions that you should follow if you want to make your party the best that it can possibly be.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind for your younger crowd lingerie party:

  • Choose a general theme for the party and try to make your party feel as authentic as possible. A bridal shower lingerie party geared towards a younger crowd is essentially the same as any other lingerie party. The only difference is that the lingerie will go towards the soon to be bride and she should be the focus of the night.
  • Since the guests at your party will all be approximately the same age, you may want to throw a party with an era theme. For instance, if you all grew up in the 1980s, try to incorporate the 80s theme into your party. Similarly, if you grew up in the 1970s, don’t be afraid to turn your party into a full blown disco. Just do whatever feels right and remember that time can certainly be on your side!
  • When you pick out the prizes for your party, don’t be shy. Include a broad mix of gifts that range from very nice to very naughty. You can give away candles, bubble bath, and body lotions, or you can give away thongs, massage oils, and inflatable men. Be as creative as you can when you pick out your prizes and don’t be afraid to hold back. After all, this is the next closest thing to a bachelorette party, so show that bachelorette what she’ll be missing after her big day!
  • Before the party, tell the salesperson to bring virtually every item that she has to display. Tell her that you want to see casual sleepwear, sexy nightgowns, naughty nighties, and everything else that she has to offer. Since the bride-to-be is about to receive a huge assortment of sleepwear, she’ll want to have as many different kinds of items as possible and the guests will surely want to see her face as she sees some of the more embarrassing gifts that she’s about to receive!
  • If the bride-to-be is very shy, you might not want to focus the spotlight on her too, too much. She should certainly be the center of attention, but keep an eye on the way she reacts. If she seems absolutely mortified by some of the elements of the party, give her a bit of a break and ask for some volunteers to show her how it’s done. Remember, a happy bride-to-be is a bride-to-be who won’t kill you after the party!

As you can see, throwing a bridal lingerie party shower is really easy when you cater it towards a younger crowd. It won't be so difficult to pull off!



Games were fun when we were kids, but they can be even more fun now that we’re adults. Instead of playing tame games like pin the tail on the donkey, it’s time to step things up a notch and play things like Pin the G-String on the Stripper! Here are some games that you should definitely consider including in your party. They’re easy, they’re dirty, and most importantly, they’re fun!

Pin the G-String on the Stripper - Since every bride-to-be deserves to receive special attention from a male stripper, now is her chance to do just that. Hang a full-length centerfold of a naked or half naked hunk on the wall. Give each guest a paper cutout of a g-string and have her write her name on it. In traditional style, blindfold the first player and spin her around three or four times. Then let her try to get the g-string on the stripper. Let each guest take a shot at doing this until everyone has gotten a turn. Whoever’s paper g-string came closest to the target will win a prize. (If this kind of stripper is not realistic enough for your liking, here’s an optional twist for you to try. After the winner of the game is chosen, have a real stripper come out and give her a lap dance. Of course, the next lap dance should be devoted to the bride-to-be, but this is the kind of prize that keeps on giving!)

Blow, Blow, Blow! - This is a tamer game that will make the bride-to-be feel just plain silly. Pass out a balloon to each guest at the party, but make sure to poke a small hole in the bride’s balloon before you give it to her. Instruct your guests to blow up their balloons as fast as they can. Whoever can make her balloon pop first will win a prize. Whoever takes the longest to blow up her balloon will have to wear a naughty nightie over her clothes for the rest of the night. Once they hear this news, the guests will immediately start blowing up their balloons. The befuddled bride-to-be will not be able to get anywhere. At the end of the game, the bride will realize that she’s been tricked and will be forced to wear a naughty nightie over her clothing until the party is over.

Swing Your Thing - Before the guests arrive at the party, gather a bunch of thigh highs and place a pair of socks at the bottom of each of them. Give each guest a thigh high and instruct her to write her name on it with a magic marker. Afterwards, have each guest place their thigh highs between their thighs and try to swing the socks into a bucket. This will lead to everybody gyrating their hips and trying to aim into the bucket. Whoever successfully lands their sock and thigh high in the bucket wins a prize. It may take many rounds to find a winner, but premature quitting never helps anybody!

These are just some examples of games that you can play at your party. For more ideas, skim through the theme pages and see what else you can come up with. Before you know it, you’ll realize that you've planned the party of the century!

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