Bridal Lingerie Shower for Family and Friends


Out of all the kinds of bridal shower lingerie parties, this one is the most common. At a family and friends party, you won’t find any children. However, you will find a broad mix of people that may not feel comfortable playing the same kinds of games or looking at the same kinds of merchandise. For instance, the bride-to-be’s friends might have a different idea of a good time than the bride-to-be’s great-grandmother has. While it may feel overwhelming to try and find a mix of elements that will appeal to both family and friends you can definitely find a way to make it work so that everyone has a good time at your bridal lingerie party.

Just follow these simple tips and game suggestions. Before you know it, you’ll find great grandma joining the conga line with the rest of them!



It’s a bit difficult to keep everybody satisfied when you deal with mixed groups, but there’s no need to fear. More often than not, a couple of simple tips and tricks can give you the motivation you need to throw a smashingly fabulous party for everyone.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind for your family and friends lingerie party:

  • Censor your party, but don’t censor it too much. You don’t want your party to be outright naughty, but you also don’t want your guests to feel bored. After all, everybody is an adult so it’s perfectly natural to include some adult related content!
  • When you find a theme that feels appropriate for your party, tailor it to meet your guests’ needs. With a few simple changes, you can easily make one of those parties appropriate for young and old guests alike. For example, you can replace g-string prizes with leg garters or with slightly less revealing panties. As long as you don’t get too risqué, all of the guests are bound to get a good chuckle at some of the naughtier elements.
  • Try to include a broad range of prizes that will make older and younger guests happy. Give out candles, picture frames, potpourri, figurines, and other prizes that will appeal to older and younger crowds. If you see any of the older women having a wonderful time and laughing at the naughty stuff, try to go out of your way to present them with something a little bit naughty, too. That’s sure to give everyone a good giggle!
  • Make sure to inform the salesperson that your party will have a broad range of age groups. One way to make sure that nobody gets offended is to have the salesperson display the tame sleepwear on one sales rack, and to highlight the naughty items on a separate rack. That way, if anybody is uninterested in seeing the naughty negligee, they can choose to completely avoid it.
  • Depending on whether you are a friend or a family member, it can be tempting to favor one group over the other. No matter how tempted you are to do this, avoid doing this at all costs. Make sure to make all of the guests feel equally special. Since you’re all close enough to the bride to be at this party, you’re all pretty darned special anyway!

That’s all you really need to know about throwing a bridal lingerie party that will include friends and family. See? I told you it wouldn’t be all that difficult!



No matter how young or old we get, we can’t help but love to play games. Maybe it’s the kid in all of us just trying to come back out and play, or maybe the children in us never really left at all. In any case, games make the world go round, and they’re bound to make your party a success, too!

Prelude to the Honeymoon - This game is a tad bit naughty, so use this one at your own discretion. Generally, older and younger people like this game equally, so I don’t foresee you having any problems. For this game, separate the guests into teams of two. Give one person in each team a roll of toilet paper and give the other person in each team a broom, a mop, or any other item with a long stick. Instruct the teammates with the toilet paper to put the rolls between their knees. Instruct the teammates with brooms to put their brooms between their knees. Tell the guests that the first person to successfully get her broomstick into her partner’s roll of toilet paper wins a prize. Once everybody looks like they think this game will be a piece of cake, shock them with the twist. Everybody with a broom has to wear a blindfold and get instructions from their partner on where to move the broom. Whichever team successfully completes the task first will win a prize for each player. Of course, everybody will laugh so hard during this game that everyone will feel like winners! (Note: If you don’t have a ton of brooms lying around, have each team play one at a time and use a timer. This works just as well, if not better, because everybody can see how the other teams do.)

The Magical Bag - Every woman knows that she holds the secrets to her universe within the confines of her purse. Give each guest a pen and a piece of paper, and instruct them to hold their pocketbooks in front of them. Have the salesperson read off a list of items and award points for each item. For instance, she could say that lipstick is worth one point since most women carry lipstick, and bobby pins are worth two points since those are less commonly carried. As the salesperson reads from her list, the guests will have to see which items they have in their bags. If they have the item that the salesperson announces, they should hold it up for the room to see and write down the designated number of points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game will win a prize.

Pin Me - Bring a variety of plain, wooden clothes pins to the party and have each guest decorate her pin with magic markers, glitter, and any other decorative touches that you may want to include. Instruct them to attach the clothes pins to the bottom of their skirts, pants, or dresses. Tell the guests that they are not allowed to cross their legs at any point in the night. If one guest catches another guest crossing her legs, the leg crosser has to forfeit her clothes pin to the one who caught her. Keep this game going through the course of the night. When the party ends, the person with the most clothes pins wins a prize. Then all of the decorated clothes pins can be given to the bride-to-be as a memento of her party.

With fun games like these on your side, your party might give the wedding itself quite a bit of competition!

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