Bridal Lingerie Shower for Adults and Children


Lingerie parties come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s always best to cater your party to your guests’ needs. If your bridal shower lingerie party will involve a mixed group of adults and children, you should involve a mix of elements that adults and children can all enjoy. More importantly, you should make sure to avoid any risqué elements that will defile children’s eyes and ears, without sucking all the fun out of your party.

Please remember to visit the themes page to get ideas on what kind of theme you might want to use when hosting a lingerie party for the bride.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions to make your bridal lingerie party appropriate for both adults and children.

Good luck and have a wonderful time!



Bridal lingerie showers are a bit more complicated when children are involved, but that shouldn’t create a large problem. With these few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make sure that everybody has a terrific time, no matter how old they are.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind for your mixed company lingerie party:

  • Children do not generally handle the idea of losing very well. When you play your games, make sure to award consolation prizes for all of the children in the group. This will keep them from getting resentful, or God forbid, crying. I’ll give specific suggestions on what kind of consolation prizes to award for each game that is played.
  • It’s okay to include some elements that you would find at a traditional lingerie party, even if there are children involved. For instance, you may want to award leg garters to some of the adults who win a prize. Since a leg garter will also be involved in the wedding itself, it is doubtful that any children or parents will feel awkward or offended by including them at the party.
  • Try to have separate prizes for adults and children. You’ll want to avoid giving away anything that’s too risqué in any case, but adults generally like different things than children do. For children, award things like coloring books, crayons, and paper bridal dolls for prizes. For adults, award items like candles, decorative towels, and figurines. The only thing that should be included in adult and children prizes is candy. After all, candy love has no expiration date!
  • Look for a theme that you can tailor to meet your party’s needs and stick with it. For instance, you can easily throw a Fiesta Night party and eliminate the naughty items that are suggested for an adult party. Similarly, you can throw a Hawaiian Luau party and cater that towards the child guests. There’s no reason why you and your guests can’t have a great time, even if you do eliminate many of the adult portions!
  • Before the party begins, make sure to warn the salesperson that children will be attending the party. If you want to display some of the naughtier negligee for the bride to choose from, preoccupy the children with a game or with their prizes first. It’s times like this that paper dolls and things like such come handy!

That’s all you really need to know about throwing a lingerie bridal party that will include adults and children. Easier than you thought, isn’t it?



The wonderful thing about games is that children love them as much as adults do, if not more so. For a mixed company shower, make sure that you use games that will be entertaining for adults and children. Here are some games for you to try:

Bridal Musical Chairs - As you may have noticed, many of the theme pages focus on different variations of musical chairs. There’s a perfectly good reason for this. Musical chairs is a fun game for people of all ages! In the case of a bridal lingerie shower, decorate all of the chairs with white tulle and streamers. Play the game in a traditional manner in which there are enough chairs for all but one person. Have the disc jockey or salesperson play a song and have each guest try to get to a chair when the music stops. The guest who does not make it in time is out of the game. (As each child gets eliminated, hand out a goodie bag to make them feel better about losing.) Continue on in this manner until there is only one person in one chair. Give the winner a prize and proclaim her as the honorary maid of honor for the night.

The Wonder Veil - This is a lot like the children’s game ‘The Wonder Ball,’ so all of the guests should have a rough idea of how to play. Have all of the guests stand in a large circle holding hands while they sing the traditional wonder ball song. Make sure to insert the word ‘veil’ in place of ‘ball’ whenever it comes up. So, the words to the song would be:

The wonder veil goes round and round
To pass it quickly you are bound
If you’re the one to hold it last
The game is up, the time has passed
O – U – T spells OUT!

Instruct the guests to pass a white tulle wedding veil around the circle while they sing. (You can easily make one of these veils with a white headband, white tulle, and some glue.) Whoever is holding the veil when the song ends should get out of the circle. Continue going around the circle until there is only one person left. Have the winner wear the veil for the rest of the night and award her with a prize. (You may also want to make smaller tulle veils for the young girls so that they will feel special, too.)

Bridal Makeover - Bring a variety of cosmetics to the party. Try to include really bright colors like blue, red, hot pink, green, and any other colors that you come across. Ask your guests if anybody is willing to volunteer to give the bride-to-be a pre-wedding makeover. Have the bride sit in a chair in the center of the room and have the volunteers stand in front of her. Ask each volunteer to choose a cosmetic that they want to apply to the bride. Once everybody picks out the makeup of her choice, surprise everybody with the twist of the game. The bride will receive a makeover as planned – but the makeup artists will all be blindfolded! Take pictures throughout the process and have everybody pose for group pictures once the bride is all made up. For extra fun, send out blank photo frame thank you cards with the group picture to all of the guests after the party.

With fun games like these on your side, there will be virtually no way for your guests not to have fun!

Check out a few more lingerie bridal shower ideas for more tips and games.



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