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When most people think of lingerie parties, a lot of different ideas come to mind. Some people imagine scantily clad women performing sinful acts while they hang from the chandeliers. Others imagine a Tupperware party with lingerie instead of Tupperware. In any case, it can be quite difficult to understand what a lingerie party is unless you’ve actually been to one.

The best way to describe a lingerie party is to say that it’s a lot of fun. They can either be regular all-out fun parties with an element of lingerie involved or home parties where women get together with all their friends and have fun shopping for lingerie in the comfort of their homes. Lingerie home parties are usually a combination of chandelier-hanging good times combined with a touch of the Tupperware atmosphere, only a lot more interesting.. Whatever be the type of lingerie party you are planning to throw you'll find all the ideas you'll ever need at this site, to make your lingerie party an absolute success!

If you are planning to throw a fun lingerie party all by yourself go ahead and explore all the sections in this site. You'll find theme ideas, terrific games you can play and cute invitations you can print out and use. If you are planning to throw a lingerie home party you'll have to work closely with the salesperson to plan the party out well to ensure its success

With individualized party themes that are meant to suit your personal needs, there is virtually no way for anybody to feel uncomfortable or out of place regardless of the type of party you are planning. Even if guests feel a bit silly upon arriving at the party, a few icebreaker games will warm everyone up to the idea of a lingerie party in no time.

If you are still a bit confused about the point of a lingerie party, there’s no need to worry. You can find the answers to all of your questions here.

Best of luck!

General Questions
Hostess Questions
Salesperson Questions
Party Questions

General Questions:

Q:  Does a lingerie party have to be dirty or risqué?
A:  Absolutely not. The truth about lingerie parties is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Some parties are lovely get-togethers for women who want to have some good old fashioned fun. Other parties may be a bit more risqué and include a touch of naughtiness. The important thing to remember is that a lingerie party can essentially be whatever you want it to be. When it comes to these parties, there are no set rules or guidelines. The main point is to get together with your friends and have a wonderful time.

Q:  Are lingerie parties only appropriate for certain kinds of people?
A:  No, no, no! Anybody and everybody can go to a lingerie party and have a smashing good time. Woman or man, old or young, outgoing or shy, lingerie parties are for everyone! The only exception to this rule is young children. If you are thinking of bringing your child to a lingerie party, make sure to ask the hostess whether or not that would be appropriate first.

Q:  What can I expect at a lingerie party?
A:  The party itself will be filled with games, food, prizes, and lingerie galore. In between playing funny games and laughing over some of the more bizarre lingerie pieces, guests will have plenty of time to eat, drink, and socialize. They will also have time to ask questions, look through catalogs, and order any kind of lingerie or sleepwear that meets their fancy.

Q:  What kind of merchandise will I find at a lingerie party?
A:  Chances are that you’ll find a bit of everything that you can possibly imagine. Most lingerie parties offer guests the chance to purchase pajama sets, nightgowns, lingerie, and naughty nighties. Additionally, many lingerie party companies offer a variety of lotions, candles, and sexual aids that add to the atmosphere of the party.

Q:  Do I have to buy something if I go to a lingerie party?
A:  That all depends on what you want to do! Many lingerie parties are sales events that allow people to shop from home while they have fun with their friends. If you find something that you like at one of these parties, you certainly have the option to buy it. However, some lingerie parties have nothing to do with sales. At a party like this, you will not have to purchase anything. You will just have a great time with your friends.

Q:  If I want to buy something, can I place an order after the party ends?
A:  Well, that really depends on the company that sponsors the party. In most cases, party guests will be given catalogs to take home so that they can order more merchandise after the party ends. Additionally, many party companies allow online shopping that will go towards the hostess’ party credits.

Q:  Do I need to bring anything if I am invited to a lingerie party?
A:  In most cases, all that you have to bring to a lingerie party is a good sense of humor and an open mind. Sometimes the party hostess will request for you to bring a small item, but you will know about any requests well before the day of the party.

Hostess Questions:

Q:  What is a hostess and what does she have to do?
A:  A hostess is a woman who decides to throw a lingerie party at her home. For the most part, hostesses do not have to do too much work. If you want to be a hostess, your job roles include generating a guest list, providing a location, preparing some food and beverages, and decorating for the party. Everything else will be taken care of by the salesperson.

Q:  Will a lot of people want to come to my party?
A:  That all depends on how many people you invite! As long as you can make your party sound like it will be fun, people will want to come. But the law of average says that you can typically expect to see about half of the people you invite. So, if you want to throw a big party, the best thing you can do is create an even bigger guest list.

Q:  How can I make people want to come to my party?
A:  One of the best ways to make people want to come to your lingerie party is to send out fun invitations. You will find a variety of interesting invitation ideas on each of the party theme pages on this website that are guaranteed to entice your guests to come.

Q:  How much money will it cost for me to throw a lingerie party?
A:  You can spend as much or as little as you want to spend on your party. The total cost of your party will depend on how you choose to decorate, what kind of food you serve, and how many people you invite. For more tips on how to throw the most cost effective party possible, please visit our money saver page.

Q:  Will I get anything out of throwing a lingerie party?
A:  You sure will! Aside from a memorable evening with your friends, you can also expect to earn some free merchandise. Each party company has different credit policies, but all companies do award hostess credits. The more lingerie and sleepwear that your guests purchase, the more lingerie and sleepwear you can choose for free. Please ask your salesperson for specific details about the company’s hostess incentive program.

Q:  Are there any other incentives for me to throw a lingerie party?
A:  Yes! Since most party companies thrive on scheduling more lingerie parties, you will usually be awarded if one of your guests decides to book his or her own party. In most cases, you will earn more free credits based on the amount of lingerie that is sold at the next party. The specifics of this incentive should be verified by your salesperson.

Salesperson Questions:

Q:  What is a lingerie party salesperson?
A:  That’s a great question! A lingerie party salesperson is similar to any other person who is involved in at-home sales. Lingerie salespeople travel to people’s homes and try to sell their products while ensuring that the party is a fun success.

Q:  Will I have to invest my own money in these parties?
A:  This is where you have to utilize the saying “you have to give a little to get a little.” Lingerie salespeople will have to spend some money for each party, but they will certainly make more than what they spend. You can get a better idea of what you will have to do on the Hostess and Salesperson page of this website.

Q:  What will my role be at the party?
A:  Lingerie salespeople generally do most of the planning and preparation for the party. When you arrive at the party, you can expect to greet the guests and introduce yourself. You will be in charge of sending out invitations, planning a variety of games, preparing and handing out prizes, and presenting your merchandise. You will also have to answer any questions that people have about your product and help people fill out their order forms. You can learn more about salesperson duties on the hostess and salesperson page.

Q:  How can I become a lingerie party salesperson?
A:  If you are interested in becoming a lingerie party salesperson, you can contact any lingerie company directly. However, the better alternative to moving into this field is to get recruited by a local salesperson, like the person who works at a party that you attend. Not only will the person who recruits you be rewarded for making you a part of the team, but you will also have a mentor to help you become the best salesperson you can be.

Q:  How much money does a lingerie salesperson make?
A:  The answer to that question widely varies. Lingerie salespeople work on commission, so they will make a percentage of what they sell. Generally, lingerie salespeople can make a great deal of money if they really put their minds and hearts into their jobs.

Q:  How much work is involved in being a salesperson?
A:  That all depends on how much work you want to put into your job. Some lingerie salespeople prefer to work part-time and do one or two parties a week. Other lingerie salespeople want to work full-time and they may do one or two parties a night. Most lingerie parties last between two and three hours. Salespeople can expect to put an additional two or three hours into planning the party, making any necessary preparations, and filling out the necessary paperwork when the orders are complete. To make a long story short, lingerie salespeople can work as little or as much as they want to work, but they can expect to devote approximately six hours to every party they do.

Q:  Will I get any special benefits with this kind of job?
A:  Yes indeed! Lingerie salespeople typically receive commission on their sales, free merchandise, and chances to win extravagant gifts like televisions, stereos, and vacation packages. You will not receive traditional job benefits like health insurance, but then again, this is not a traditional job!

Party Questions:

Q:  How closely do hostesses and salespeople have to work together?
A:  When it comes to planning a lingerie party, hostesses and salespeople should work together very closely. Every party is different and hostesses and salespeople need to help each other make the party appropriate for everybody who is invited. From the moment that the party is scheduled until the moment the party ends, the hostess and salesperson should talk on the phone or email each other frequently. This kind of communication will ensure that all aspects of the party are covered so that the party can be as successful as possible.

Q:  Where can I get creative ideas for my party?
A:  If you want to throw a party that your guests are bound to remember, you should strongly consider incorporating a fun theme into it. The themes page on this website has a variety of themes that are filled with creative ideas on how to make your party a big hit.

Q:  Where can I buy supplies for my party?
A:  Depending on what kind of theme you choose, you can get party supplies from a variety of locations. You may want to check party stores, wholesale stores, and dollar stores for fun and affordable prizes. As you surf through this website, you will notice that many of the pages include links on where to buy the merchandise you will need. 

Q:  Can I throw a lingerie party for somebody else?

A:  Absolutely! You may want to throw a Surprise Birthday Lingerie Party for a friend, or you may want to throw a Bachelorette Lingerie Party for the bride-to-be. You may also want to check out the Lingerie Shower page on this website to get great ideas on how to throw somebody a shower.

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